Successful Telemarketing Strategies

Nancy B. Alston

  • Make sure you have a Plan. Before you begin your telemarketing campaign, do you know what you want to achieve? Are you collecting additional contact information, such as the decision maker’s name or asking for specific contact’s e-mail addresses? Are you creating brand awareness? Are you conducting market research? Are you hoping to close a sale over the phone? Without a clear directive, your telemarketing campaign will never get off the ground.

  • Make sure you know your target audience. Who are you directing your marketing message too? Knowing your target audience is integral to any outbound sales program. There is no point talking to anyone who is not interested in hearing from you.

  • It’s all about the list! The success of your telemarketing campaign comes down to the telemarketing list you use. Your list should be accurate, targeted and the right size. The number of callers you have, should determine the size of your telemarketing list. If you only have 1 person making the calls, you don’t want the data to go bad before they are able to call all the contacts on the list. Conversely, if you have 10 telemarketers making the calls you want to make sure the telemarketing list is large enough.

  • Know the Rules. Many countries have Do Not Call regulations. Before starting any telemarketing campaign, do your research and make sure you are in compliance before you call anyone.

  • Have a killer Script. You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression on the phone. Your script needs to be clear and to the point; you are more likely to succeed in your goal if your prospect fully understands what you are offering, as quickly as possible. Working from a script keeps you focused on what you need to get out of the call. It also helps curb the nervousness that can come with making cold calls. Just make sure you don’t over-rehearse and end up sounding like a robot. With a more natural speed, you’ll sound more sincere.

  • Be knowledgeable. The first obvious question is why should I listen to you? Or, why should I buy from you? Make sure you are well-informed about the benefits of your product. A sound knowledge will help you persuade your prospects.

  • Make it into a Conversation. You should sound like you are having a conversation rather than making a sales pitch. Be prepared to talk through any questions concerns they have.

  • Try to get a Commitment. This is key to finishing a call. At the end of the call, you should ask the prospect’s commitment to buy your product or service. If the prospect shows some interest, thank them for their consideration and ask for their final decision.

  • Know how to be told “No”. Sometimes a “no” really is a “no”. Don’t let it upset you, thank the person for taking the time and try again another day. Telemarketing requires a lot of patience and persistence to produce good results.

  • End your call Politely. Whether you get what you wanted or not, always thank the person on the other end for his or her time.

  • Keep your Word. If you say you’re going to send some marketing material – send it. If you waste somebody’s time or leave them dangling, waiting for undelivered promises, they won’t be likely to buy your services in the future.

  • Practice Makes Perfect. It can take a little while to get comfortable with telemarketing; don’t give up if the first call isn’t perfect. Remember that the worst thing that can happen is that someone will say “no”, which leaves you no worse off than you were before you made the call.

  • Don’t just Cold Call. Your telemarketing efforts should be part of a larger campaign that uses a combination of different direct marketing strategies – a direct mail campaign, an email blast and even social media. You may have to reach out half a dozen times to establish a relationship that delivers results.

Telemarketing can be extremely effective if done properly. It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have feel like you’re harassing your prospects into submission. Take the time to plan everything out. The more time you spend preparing, the better the results of your telemarketing campaign will be.

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