What Does Taking Massive Action Really Mean?

What does taking massive action mean to you? Is it doing your personal best to achieve your goals? Is it working around the clock, 24/7 or just follow the industry’s standards? Which is it?

Actually, there is no one specific answer to this question. But one definition that would probably best fit the meaning of Massive Action would be this – Doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals by charting you progress everyday.

This definition has two part, the first part is doing whatever it takes. Now, what do I mean by whatever it takes? Does it mean that you just bulldozed your way through your goal and ignore life’s important values such as integrity, empathy, consideration and the like? Of course not, because we don’t want to achieve “success” at the expanse of others, that’s ugly….

So what does it mean then? Whatever it takes is a process and it doesn’t stand by itself. Let me explain, in order to know the meaning of whatever it takes, first you must determine specifically what is your target (goal).

For example, if your specific short term target in your MLM business is to accumulate $600,000 six months from now then, your whatever it takes will definitely be different than your main objective to accumulate $60,000.

You see, the effort that you must put into your MLM business in order to earn $600,000 is much much more than your effort to accumulate only $60,000 six months from now.

Let me explain further, let say that your “closing rate” is 1 out of 10, which means that you talk to 10 prospects 1 will sign up as your business associate, and let say that your business duplication is perfect (which is not, of course) and the requirements to achieve your six months goal are as follows;

* Minimum of 30 associates in your first month for $600,000 goal and

* Only 3 new associates in your first month for $60,000 goal.

Therefore whatever it takes to earn $600,000 in this example is, talking to at least 300 prospects in the first months and you only need to talk to at least 10 prospects in the first month if your goal is $60,000.

Now the second and last part of this definition is by charting you progress everyday. Here, it means that you chart and monitor your progress everyday. You must execute your plan to talk to at least 10 prospects every day (for $600,000 goal) and only 1 or 2 prospects per day if your goal is only to accumulate $60,000. Charting your progress everyday will ensure that you will reach your final destination 6 months from now.

So there you have it my friend, the meaning of Taking Massive Action. Even though the above example is just a hypothetical one, I hope you get the simple idea on what Taking Massive Action really mean – Doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals by charting you progress everyday.

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