Music Theory – An Introduction to Modes

Nancy B. Alston

There are quite a few misconceptions about modes and how they work. Much of the confusion comes from the word “mode” itself, since it implies more of a reference to another scale than an actual scale in its own right. We’ve all heard, or read, and half understood, that modes […]

An Odd Antitrust Suit Over A Legal Monopoly

The idea behind a patent is to give the owner a legalized monopoly to encourage innovation. Patents are limited to 20 years, after which the invention enters the public domain and can be freely copied. Inventors thus have incentive to create new and better stuff, since they will profit off […]

Congress Vs BJP: One More Indian Political Thriller!

The Indian National Congress (simply called the Congress), the oldest political party of India, was the single largest party in the legislative assembly election of Rajasthan in 2018 with just one seat less than simple majority and formed government with the support of independents and smaller parties. Thus, it had […]

Madaari (Film Review)

Dir: Nishikant Kamat Starring: Irrfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Sheirgill, Tushar Dalvi and Nitesh Pandey Dur: 2 hrs 13 mins Genre: Political Drama The film tells the gripping story of a father who goes to great lengths to send a message to the perpetrators behind the death of his only […]

What Influences Art?

Usually words “Influence” and “art” are connected in a sentence like “how art influences your life,” but here we are going to speak about what influences art. Why an artwork is “warts and all,” what made it itself, and the reasons a particular piece of artwork might have its shape, […]