Car Accidents Near Cooper City

Cooper City is a small city in Broward County, Florida, with a population of just under 30,000. With Davie to the North, Pembroke Pines to the South, and Hollywood to the East, Cooper City is a city many call home, but also a city many pass through to get to […]

Exploring the City of Brownsville

Nancy B. Alston

Known to be the sixteenth most populated city in Texas, US, Brownsville is located at the southernmost part of the American state. The US-Mexican border is at a 5 minutes distance from the Brownsville airport making it an interesting place to be travelled to. One can use the railroad as […]

Sport and Leisure at Strathclyde Country Park

Nancy B. Alston

As a centre for outdoor recreation, Strathclyde Country Park in Lanarkshire ranks as one of the best in the UK. There is a vast range of activities available within its four square kilometres and continues to attract visitors since its creation in 1965. Activities fall into two main areas: water-based […]

Wildlife Traveling to the East African Country

Nancy B. Alston

Kenya is a wonderful country provides numerous wildlife experiences. It is based in the East Africa and lying along the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan. Kenya contains thousands of animal species. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. It is diverse with 40 […]