Take Action Now Vs Waiting for the Perfect Action to Take

This article will help you to take action to achieve your goals or to at least discover what the next steps are that you need to take in order to get closer to achieving what you want.

Whether it is about health, exercise, weight management, nutrition and fitness goals, you must take action in order to enjoy the results.

It is the same with anything in life.

Success is what you want and the willingness to take the steps to get you there.

So first, you need to know who you are, what you want and then,

take the necessary steps to get there.

And since it is so hot and humid it seems that many people are once

again becoming more health conscious. Or are they?

They want the “hard bodies” they see around them yet most are NOT willing to put in the effort to make those changes and improvements.

This reminds me of a story of an acquaintance of mine who kept bugging me about my success and how it was because of how I looked.

Those who have met me realize this person must be delusional 🙂

What he meant was that I keep in shape and he complained that it was all genetics and he was fat and could not help that and so the World was dumping on him.

This is his unhelpful perception because in reality he is far better looking and taller than me

and with a full head of hair

yet he complains about his beer belly and how it is holding him back at work.

( he makes a TON of cash yet hates his job—his choice )

I give him some free advice and he seems to listen yet has a lot of

“yes, but” responses which tells me he will NOT do anything to change.

Then he complains that his wife needs to lose weight and it is getting out of hand and

wants me to help her.

He knows that I have studied a lot about massage, exercise and nutrition and wanted help so I gave him some advice and some suggestions.

He comes back to me a week later and says he does not want to send his wife to me for

Hypnosis to manage her weight and

he does not want to change the way that they eat.

Instead, he saw some glitzy, glamorous infomercial on television advertising the “latest” exercise machine that “promised” to

melt fat faster than a speeding bullet. Sure thing!

He wanted to know what I thought and you know what I told him?

I shrugged my shoulders and told him that this

weight issue was not his fault and that I could help if he REALLY wanted to become healthier.

You see, he knew what he wanted, yet he did NOT want to

do the necessary work to get there and this

“machine” “promised” excellent results with zero effort.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine who makes less money than the acquaintance

asked me for similar help from me for his girlfriend and himself and followed my advice.

Along with Hypnosis to help with their eating the right foods in the right amounts and to keep

them motivated to reach their goals, they started to

walk more and did

some simple at home exercises and they

both started to look and feel so much better and so much healthier.

So remember, that it is better to take the first step

( even if it is in the wrong direction ) than to just stay stuck.

Often times we get feedback from our actions, yet inaction just keeps us stuck. Many people waste valuable time and energy complaining instead of taking decisive action to get what they really want!

So by taking responsibility and acting you can get some feedback as to what your REAL next steps should be in order to achieve your goals. And remember that you are not alone because

you can find help with this.

Michael Twomey

P.s. Last I heard, the first exercise “machine” gathered dust and eventually became something that they hung clothes over. A very expensive coat rack!

The wife of the acquaintance made excuses that this exercise “machine” did not allow them

to work the “latest” craze in exercise and so she wanted to

get another “machine”, instead. She insisted that she would start to exercise just as soon as they got the “new machine”

The acquaintance has since joined a popular and expensive gym

and even

bought a bunch of t-shirts to prove it. Cute!

What do you think the odds are that they will actually change their habits and achieve their goals?

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