Trigeminal Neuralgia – Are You Unknowingly Overlooking These 6 Major Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Nancy B. Alston

Trigeminal neuralgia is a complex problem yet this may come as a shock to you. Could there be causes of trigeminal neuralgia that conventional medicine is not addressing? Are you being left in the dark and therefore suffering needlessly?

Read on to find out 6 major causes trigeminal neuralgia sufferers are missing, and best of all, steps you can take to effectively manage them.

One or more of these may be affecting you. So learning as much as you can and eliminating as many of them as you can is a major step in the right direction.

1. Heavy metal toxicity, especially Mercury, is a major contributing factor. Scientific studies indicate that about 40 – 50 % of the US population is affected by mercury toxicity as determined by hair analysis. Your Kinesiologist can help you determine if you are affected, and can get you started on a detoxification program

2. Sugar substitute especially aspartame and NutraSweet. Minimize your exposure to toxins from smoking and poor air quality as well as environmental toxins from household cleaners, personal care products etc.

3. Electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs, often contribute to trigeminal neuralgia – This electronic pollution is everywhere. If you are suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, for the next 3 months or longer, avoid exposure to cell phones, cordless phones, computers, electric tooth brushes, razors and other electrical appliances such as clock radios and microwave ovens. Some patients have improved just following this directive alone.

4. Subluxation of the Atlas – the top vertebra of the spine can be come misaligned by bumping your head, being in an auto accident or sustaining a fall. These are among the first things your doctor should ask when evaluating you for trigeminal neuralgia. If your trigeminal neuralgia pain was preceded by one or more of these situations, you should be evaluated by a UCC doctor. A UCC doctor is a chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical treatments.

5. An acidic body is caused by soda, coffee, acidic foods such as dairy products and meat as well as medications. The myelin sheath deteriorates by a diet and lifestyle that causes an acidic condition in your body. You can monitor your body’s alkalinity by pH testing of your saliva. You correct any acidic condition by eliminate acid causing foods and maintain an alkaline state by drinking alkaline water.

6. Microorganisms such as fungi, mold, yeast and parasites play a significant role in causing and perpetuating trigeminal neuralgia by creating and perpetuating an acidic condition in the body and robbing the body of essential B vitamins. The herpes virus is also often overlooked as a cause. In a major research trial using micro electric and micro magnetic current therapy, no results were obtained at all. Once the microorganism issue was addressed, patients experienced a dramatic improvement in their trigeminal neuralgia pain.

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