Awareness Without Action is Worthless

Nancy B. Alston

This is probably the most insightful quote I read from Dr. Phil McGraw’s MySpace Blog. First time I read it, I knew it was me!

Ask me if I’m feeling guilty about this quote and I will answer YES. There are loads of situation in my life when I feel I was a complete loser. Things like I’m aware of something but I don’t do something about it. For instance, I am an ectomorph. That’s my problem. I’m aware I’m skinny but until now, I don’t establish a balanced diet to gain weight. As an ectomorph, I need to eat food that are rich in protein.

Another thing is sleep. Back in college, I always burn my midnight candle just to get A marks in class. Studies, theories, quizzes and assignments were all in my mind but I didn’t take a while and pat my back, “Hey Dean, you need some sleep.”

The results: I am still surviving but living with a weak immune system 🙁

Doing something is one of my weaknesses probably because I am not naturally born to be a choleric. Let me explain the definition of choleric. Choleric is one of those four fluids of our personality and its main description is “The Doer.” But I don’t blame myself for being not a doer. The secret of a happy life is to love yourself no matter how screwed you are. The truth is, in every mistake you voluntarily create, an insightful realization is made.

I have my reasons why I don’t do what I want to do. Doing something produces expectations and when my level of expectation seems high, I get frustrated.

This is the reason why I’m always reminding myself to enjoy the spontaneity of everything. Failure or success, I am still the engineer of my destiny. If something is not accomplished, I learn to wait for the right timing before doing something. Sometimes, having a Type A personality thrash me down. Realizing not all what I desire is always what I get seems a good thing, right?

And yes, awareness without actions is worthless but to me—

Awareness without understanding what, why, when and how to properly do something seems worthless.

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