Best Internet Marketing – Make Money Online With Cost Per Action Business

More people are now making money from home both full time and part time by promoting other companies products online. Because you do not need to have a product, hold any stock or provide customer support. Making this the best internet marketing to get started, due the fact you get going very little money.

How does affiliate marketing work

You simply sign up one the many different affiliate networks or private programs and then select a product you would like to promote. ClickBank is one of the biggest for instant download products and membership site. Some of the merchants will pay up to 75% of sale and some offers will recurring sales so you can continue earn money until the customer cancels. When you chosen the program and have signed up you given a URL to promote.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Unlike affiliate marketing where you only get paid when a customer buys from your link. In CPA offers you get paid when someone completes a certain action. This could be any from providing their name and email address or full contact details. You can get paid when people download free trial software. There is free trial that offers pay more $40 where the customer pays only small shipping fee for the free trial product.

After applying to most networks you expect phone call, where you may be asked how intend to promote the offer. This done to insure you are real and how you intend promote their product.

The customer does not have to buy anything for you to get paid. This can mean better conversions. There greater varieties of offers and less competition as some networks are very selective who they approve.


Some networks and offers are very selective and can be harder to be selected.

In conclusion

Do your research to find a niche that you would like promote with offer that you can make money from. Create a website with quality content and place banners of related affiliate or CPA offers that signed up for. Then promote your website.

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