Cultural Tourism Towards the Incredible Country, Ghana!

Nancy B. Alston

Take a classy look into the magnificent culture of Ghana which is eminently exhibited by the wonderful events and festivals, celebrated by the country. With rich natural heritage, Ghana is promoting every event through complete festivity and vibrancy. By taking flights to Ghana, you can still observe the vivid conventional festivals packed with splendor and grandeur enjoyed at larger scale in every metropolis of the country. Festivals are brought into play as a way to memorize antecedents and also apprehended with the intention of purifying region to permit citizens to join the coming year with optimism. To enjoy the amazing events and festivals and to become part of Ghanaian culture, book flights to Ghana now.

Traditional events and festivals continue through out the year, you might travel to this country anytime; you will definitely come across with some festival or event. In every month of the year, distinctive events are prominent. Ghana flights are the major gateway to scrutinize the culture in a distinctive way. The famous African music and dance festival is Panafest. Bugum festival is celebrated in January to commemorate the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) exile into Madina from Makkah. Ngmayem is enjoyed in March and linked with the harvesting and thanksgiving flights to Ghana to Gologo, Lekoyi, Volo and Damba festivals are also quite eminent in this month. A youth festival is held in April who is known as Dipo that shows the adolescent girls to reach womanhood. Deer hunt festival is quite popular there which is distinguished as a competition to hunt the deer from the close game reserves and enjoyed in May. A very famous festival celebrated by the people in June is Nkyidwo festival to memorialize their birth and followed by the dancing, drumming and many other activities. The eve of fishing season is enjoyed with Bakatue festival in July in which the Durbar of chief is held and is held on the first Tuesday of July. Catch flights to Ghana and seize the colors and hues of the Ghanaian ethnicity.

August is full of festivity. Many famous festivals like Odambea, Edim Kese, Equadoto, Apatwa, Kundum and famous of all Homowo festival which is to present the food to the gods is very well-known there. Damba and Gereu are held in September. In October Fetu Afaye is held which takes in a pageant with dancing to remind the first encounter of Ghanaian with their regal company. In November Dodoleglime and Fiok in December is very much distinguished. All the fabulous festivity is just a Ghana flights away so come and enjoy the gala

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