Easy Paycheck Formula – An Action Plan That Could Be Sub-Titled "Affiliate Marketing Tutorials"

Nancy B. Alston

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing and need handholding to get started, you can set up product campaigns quickly with Easy Paycheck Formula. It is an action plan which really should be subtitled “Affiliate Marketing Tutorials.”

Starting Your Campaigns

You love the fitness club and everything about it. You see that many people use heart rate monitors during workouts. Okay, so you have a product you are excited about and want to promote..

Where do you start? With a well-know affiliate program that has a variety of the products you are interested in.

Easy Paycheck Formula will show you how to:

* Sign yourself up on the program,

* Decide if your product will sell (trending),

* What software to use to research keywords, and

* What keywords to pick (search volume vs. competition).

What Next?

You have a great start, but now you need a landing page (the Internet location where people will come to buy your product), a connection between the landing page and the affiliate program, and most importantly – a free and guaranteed way to get traffic to the landing page.

Easy Paycheck Formula makes these components happen for you with simple videos backed up by the actual scripts in PDF format. There are many tips in this action plan that you are unlikely to find elsewhere on the net.

This Plan Hits The Most Important Step For Beginners

Where most newbies fail is in the followup. They get discouraged when their campaigns fail to work the first time around. Expectations are not met and they fall into the 95% of people who decide internet marketing is not for them.

This remarkable action plan addresses plan tracking and followup in detail, analyzing each step where a beginner might be a little weak. For example, you need to ask the right questions – were your keywords not “buying keywords” or did you forget that the product trend falls off in the summer months?

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