How to Use Simple Price Action Strategies to Make Quick Money in Forex Trading Consistently

Nancy B. Alston

If you want to make money consistently with minimum loss in forex trading, you must understand what is called price action. You will keep on turning your trading platform to money printing machine if you trade with price action. No matter strategy you trade with, if it is not built on price trading, you are just wasting your money and time. With my many years of experience in forex trading, I noticed that price action strategies are still the best way to trade. Any system that is not based on price pattern will not last.

You can trade any time frame. Now I am trading profitably and still learning every day. I am doubling my account very easily because I know how to trade with very simple price action strategies I learnt from my mentor over 2 years ago.

If you trade with price action strategies, you will read people’s behavior easily. You will know most likely what the professionals are going to do next. You will make money consistently with minimum loss. You will keep on turning your trading platform to money printing machine. Price action will help you to do that.

One of the mistakes that many struggling traders or newbie always do is that they look at the indicators instead of looking at the pattern of the price first. It is only a foolish trader that will see a reversal in trending market. This is one of the mistakes caused by following the indicators. If you trade with very simple price action software or indicator as i do, you will easily make money over and over again. You will even double your account easily in less than 10 weeks as I always do by just spending 10 minutes daily.

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