ITEC Sample Theory Papers – Revision for Exams

Nancy B. Alston

Getting your hands on ITEC sample theory papers may prove very difficult as ITEC do not permit colleges to hand out past papers for revision. As a result a lot of students report that they do not feel prepared for the exam because they do not know the type of questions that could come up in the exam and nor are they familiar with the layout of the paper.

I have been teaching for years and know that both of these issues are quite serious in determining whether a student will fail or pass an exam.

I have found, when starting revision for exams, the most successful way to prepare for exam success is to constantly test students on the areas they are learning.

First of all I would recommend to my students to find a study guide that contains a large number of multiple choice questions similar to those found on ITEC’s theory papers. It is also a good idea to have a variety of crossword puzzles as these are a fantastic way to quiz yourself. They also make learning fun which is a bonus for any student.

At the beginning of every class I give my students a written test using these multiple choice questions. We grade them straight away so the student is then aware of any work they need to go over again. I finish up the class with about 20 minutes remaining and get my students to complete crossword puzzles on the work we have just covered.

Using these methods means that once the end of the year arrives and it is time for revision, the student has a folder full of tests and crossword puzzles.

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