Success in Network Marketing: Strategy No. 5 – Consistent and Persistent Action

Nancy B. Alston

The success of your network marketing business depends on your commitment to take consistent and persistent action to grow your business. In a previous article, I discussed the importance of taking massive, imperfect action if your business is to flourish. This article will explore why that action must also be taken both consistently and persistently.

The Power of Consistent Action

Sales legend Zig Ziglar once said that success can only be bought on an installment plan that requires daily payments. This is certainly true in the network marketing industry. There is a power that comes from consistent actions that cannot be harnessed in any other way.

It is like hiring a personal trainer. Just hiring the trainer will not make you fit. It takes showing up and doing the routines on a regular basis for you to make any improvement in your fitness level.

Do something once and the world is unlikely to notice. Repeat it every day, 5 days a week, for 50 weeks and in a year you will have done 250 repetitions. Along the way, people will have started to take notice. Plus, you will have increased your skill and efficiency in performing the task. Even better, it will have become a habit that you will automatically sustain.

Imagine making a single post to a network marketing forum. Odds are you will not get any leads. However, if you post one quality post every day, you would soon become recognized as an expert and your lead flow will increase significantly. The same is true of any other marketing method you elect to use in your business.

Perhaps the biggest return from consistency is the effect it has on your downline. The distributors you enroll into your business will tend to follow your example, whether good or bad. Also, by staying engaged with your organization, you will increase your retention rate. There is a saying in business that good companies do not attract good employees, good managers attract good employees. The same is true in network marketing.

Persistence Pays

It is equally important that you be persistent in your actions to grow your business. Build on small steps. Start where you are, pick one method of building your business and stick with it until you have it mastered. Then add another method and do the same while you continue employing the first. If you give up before you learn the basics, you will end up jumping from one thing to the next and never make any headway.

The same is true of the company you represent. If there are other people in your company who are having the kind of success you would like to have, the problem is not with the company, the products, or the compensation plan. The problem lies in something you are either doing or not doing. And, since you are going to take the same skills and work habits with you, switching companies is probably not the answer.

Let us take another look at the fitness trainer analogy. You wouldn’t hire a trainer, show up every day (consistent action) for a week and then quit training and expect to continue to improve. No, you have to keep working out on a regular basis until you reach your goals. After that, you will either have other goals that require even more action or you will need to stay on a maintenance program to keep the results you have already achieved. It is the same with your business.

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