Key Success Principles To Achieve Your Goals

Nancy B. Alston

We all have goals in life that we would like to achieve. However, we see that only 5% of the people achieve their goals.

To a common man it may seem that people who achieve their goals may have some special talent or are probably lucky. But the reality is that achieving your goal does not really depend on one’s talent or on luck. It is merely a matter of understanding a few principles of success that separates the achievers from non-achievers. Following are some of the key principles of those who achieve their goals

Clearly Defined and Documented Goals

One of the most important principle that leads to a difference between achievers and non-achievers is having a clear goal in mind and committed on a piece of paper with dates written on it. This is an important aspect that many people miss out on. It creates a different level of motivation once the goals are written down on a piece of paper. Committing goals on a piece of paper creates the extra motivation and the dates against the goals creates accountability. The true character of a person is reflected when a person is accountable to him/her-self. Those who are not accountable are anyways not going anywhere in life.

The committed goals should be written in such a way that a person sees them at least 2-3 times a day. This can be achieved by sticking these goals on a fridge or putting them on a white board in your room. Seeing these goals and dates against the goals truly forces the accountable person to get out of the comfort zone and push to achieve their goals.


Being your own boss is the most difficult situation to be in. A person that can discipline him/her-self is someone who cannot be disciplined by anyone else. In our life, we have a choice, either we discipline ourselves or we get disciplined by someone else. The earlier in life we learn to discipline ourselves, the less we are going to be disciplined by others. Discipline means, having a clear action plan and working on that plan every day little by little. Consistency is more important than working on your goal for 10 hours in one day and then NOT working on it for the rest of the month. Success is build upon consistency. Working 21 days consecutively on something creates good habits that leads to consistency which in turn leads to the achievement of goals.

Recommended Reading

A great book that details 21 simple steps in achieving once goals is written by RP Smith. The book is titled “How to Achieve Your Goals in 21 simple steps” by R.P. Smith

I really liked the simplicity in the book and it really helped me in identifying the gaps that I had in my thought process. These gaps were the roadblocks for me in achieving my goals. The book is simple and provides the confidence to a common man on how success can be achieved by following some really simple common sense steps.

It is available at Amazon for $5.97. I think this is the best $5.97 that I ever spend in my life. Just missed a cup of starbucks coffee today to pay for the book and it was well worth it.

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