Ancient Alien Theory – Evidence Aliens Were Here

The fact is: the evolution of human civilization and higher learning still remains a mystery to mankind. More and more evidence shows that ancient civilizations had an amazing understanding of Astronomy, Science and Math that in some cases rivals today’s cultures. But at the same time these ancient civilizations were supposed to be one step out of the stone age? These ancient civilizations built huge structures that have stood the test of time… and even with today’s technology and machinery would be hard to duplicate.

How did they do this? Why did they feel it was so important for future generations to see their work? Looking at historic accounts from the Hopi Indians, Egyptians, Maya, Aztec, and many other ancient civilizations, they all mention strange phenomenons that came from the sky like our modern day UFOs. Most of these ancient civilizations had beliefs in “gods” that interacted with or created them.

These “gods” in most cases were from the stars or sky. These “gods” would teach them, guide them, and rule over them with supernatural powers. Some people today regard these beliefs, held by these ancient civilizations, as just simply myths or legends. But what if these so called “gods” were actually extraterrestrials or aliens from elsewhere in the universe? What if the aliens were from a much more technologically advanced and older culture than the humans? If this were true.. is it possible the “supernatural powers” were merely the interpretation of advanced technology? Wouldn’t this also help explain the advancements in education and technology required to build these amazing structures built by ancient civilizations? This theory does help explain the evolution of human civilization and higher learning.

Today, ancient sites like the Nazca lines, Egyptian Pyramids, and Mayan Pyramids all point to the existence of Ancient Aliens. We are beginning the “Golden Age” of space exploration. As we learn about the Universe.. given the sheer size, mass, and time… more and more Scientists agree evidence points to the concept that life exists elsewhere. Maybe the answer to our future is opening our minds to the possibilities of our past.

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