For a Luxury Oman Family Holidays, We Chose This Unique Country

Nancy B. Alston

The Arabian country of Oman has just recently opened its doors to tourist travel through all parts of the country. Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula, sharing its entire northern border with the U.A.E. and of course, this is where the multi-trillion dollar city of Dubai is. Because of the renovations that area has been making, Oman has joined in and Oman travel is now inviting all visitors for Oman holidays.

Oman is warm to hot all year ’round, the rainy season falls between June and October, and the capital city is Muscat. On luxury Oman family holidays, your plane will land in Muscat where you can see the beautiful mountain ranges, the flatlands, and of course the beautiful natural southern coastline. There are boats for fishing, to tour and amazing scuba diving to reefs and wrecks that are still pristine in nature because there haven’t been a high number of tourists to destroy them. The awe-inspiring dunes line the beaches, and since this is an ancient oil country, you will occasionally see ruins from hundreds, even thousands of years past.

Oman travel is a unique experience. It is actually ‘illegal’ to drive in Oman with a dirty car! After your plane lands in the one airport in Muscat, there are cars, taxis, buses, that will take you around the cities for shopping, excellent restaurants, and touring the ancient forts. Feel free to relax around the pool at your extravagant hotel on your luxury Oman family holidays.

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