How to Control People – 3 Mind Control Techniques to Get What You Want

Nancy B. Alston

Knowing how to control people gives you a huge advantage. It allows you to win over arguments, avoid confrontations and advance your career. Of course, we’re not talking about blackmailing your officemates or even your boss. There are ways to go about this using ethical mind control techniques.

If you want to know how to control people the right way, read on!

Mind Control Technique # 1: Make Use of the Favor Bank.

You don’t have to bribe anybody to get them to do something for you. You can learn how to control people with more subtle techniques like employing the favor bank system. What is it, you ask?

The favor bank is an imaginary bank of favors you’ve done for others, and favors others have done for you. When you do something for somebody, that person is not likely to forget it. They owe you one. And when the right time comes, you can count on them to help you out as well.

So the next time people ask you for help, don’t just brush them off. Think about the favor bank and how you can use it to your advantage. Maybe not today, but who knows what will happen tomorrow, right?

Mind Control Technique # 2: Sit at the Winners’ Table.

One powerful way on how to control people is by making them think that you’re on the side of the right. You can do this by hanging out with the winners.

As much as possible, don’t associate yourself with people who don’t contribute anything to the organization. The more people see you as a credible and dependable person, the more likely you’ll be able to control them.

Think about it. It’s not the losers who influence the world. It’s always the winners. So choose the group you want to hang out with carefully. That decision more or less determines just how much (or little) influence you’ll have over others.

Mind Control Technique # 3: Keep Your Cards to Yourself.

Once you reveal all of your cards to another person, you lose all your aces. Keep some of your cards hidden. That way, you still have control over the situation. Avoid making rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. Always have a back-up plan so you won’t be caught in a web of desperation.

For example, if you show a sidewalk vendor how much you want to buy his product, do you really think he’ll give you a discount when he knows you’ll buy it at the standard price?

Learning how to control people is not a bad thing. Just make sure that you don’t abuse the power, and never use it unethically.

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