A Piano Teacher Surviving – This Is Truth, Not a Conspiracy Theory

Nancy B. Alston

Chapter 1; Part 1

I am an innocent victim who has been infested with Morgellons by some very cruel and psychopathic individuals. Morgellons, it appears, are unknown to the general population. As an individual citizen of the United States of America, while undergoing this extreme trauma, I haven’t had opportunity to do detective work to pinpoint whether there exists classified information. My theory is that the morgellon project is a top secret and illegal operation which many have invested in heavily. In fact, the perpetrators repeatedly said “we are invested heavily in dorthy a1. By dorthy a1, they mean the morgellons and their functioning. The morgellon project is synonymous with the Dorthy AI project. I am an innocent victim of this project. My theories have evolved solely from my experiences as an innocent victim. I have had no knowledge of the morgellon system in any other way.

This project is real. It is not in any way scientifically unfeasible. There are many ways to create a sort of frequency communication analogous to the more primitive and traditional walkie talkie system. If scientists had, for example, created a system of communication using micro sized particles, based upon audio frequencies, and then set up speakers for people to hear this, the demonstration would be easily accepted. The walkie talkie is very primitive compared to the morgellon audio receivers because the latte rare composed of much smaller particles and this is the present day capability. In fact, scientists have been studying nanotechnology for many years. Some of the morgellons may even be nano-sized. A walkie talkie, obviously, could be hand-held but not implanted within anyone’s body. The morgellons, on the other hand, are so small that they have ability to be implanted within a person’s body, so that the “walkie talkie” system actually becomes a sort of interface with the implanted person’s neural network. In this way, the person doesn’t hold the walkie talkie to their ear, but rather, the persons speaking from a distance can speak into the implanted person’s morgellon (walkie talkie) receivers, and they can then transmit, by connecting to the person’s neural networks related to audio, and the implanted person then hears people, from afar, just as if the implanted person was using a walkie talkie system. The fact that many morgellons are used as receivers allows many more than one person to communicate, like a Skype conference call, from a distance, to the implanted individual. In fact, the small size of the morgellon allows implantation of many receivers, and therefore as many as thousands could simultaneously be on the other end, from a great distance, ready to communicate into the implanted person’s morgellon receivers.

The implanted person, if using a walkie talkie system, could simply turn off the walkie talkie, and not receive any transmissions, however when implanted with a morgellon receiver audio system, the implanted person does not have any shut off mechanism, and can not turn off the transmission.

The general public, including scientists who haven’t heard of such a system, may be questioning whether this works in reality. There have been intensive projects to study the human neural network, including brain neural function. Scholarly articles have been written regarding the ability to create a neural lace which is the morgellon receivers interfacing with the human neural network so that, by frequencies, the receivers make a connection to the human neurons of the brain, especially audio brain neurons.

Such a system, if used for benevolent purposes, could help an implanted person to learn, for example. tutors, from a great distance, could speak into the morgellon receivers, via long distance airwave frequencies, and teach someone a foreign language, or alternatively, teach someone with a developmental disability how to increase their social skills. Nuclear energy, when first discovered and developed, was probably envisioned as a benevolent source; however, this same energy was then used to develop the atom bomb, which brought on the tragic reality of Hiroshima. The morgellon receiver system, in the hands of benevolent non-psychopathic developers, may have been an excellent discovery, provided that the materials comprising the morgellons did no harm to the human body.

Hypothetically suppose this system was created by psychopaths. Suspend your disbelief for a moment entirely, and imagine the horrendous malevolent capabilities of the morgellon receiver system. In the hands of psychopaths, with malevolent intent, the morgellon receiver system becomes an invasion of the human neural network and therefore the human’s mind.; The persons’ from a great distance want to communicate into the implanted person’s mind, via the neural lace, but the person receiving has been implanted against their will and without their knowledge and consent, and wants to turn off the communication but can not. The psychopath developers and those in league with them, have no code of ethics, no rules, and no line drawn in the sand. The psychopaths, from afar, sending audio to the implanted person, could then use this system to verbally torture the implanted person, even second by second. The innocent victim, on the receiving end, is catastrophically thrown into an unrelenting prisoner of war experience, with torturous statements hurled at them in an ongoing fashion. Meanwhile the person has to function in life, and attempt to cover the pragmatic necessities such as working and keeping shelter over their head.

The world has the Geneva Convention to cover humane treatment of prisoners during war time. The innocent victim of the psychopathic morgellon receiver system has no such protection. ‘The psychopathic perpetrators can torture extensively, in a brutal, inhumane and animalistic manner without regard for any boundaries or protection of the innocent victim. The length of the torture could extend for a far greater time than the victim has resources for fighting this indescribably horrific horror. I have been fighting this torture for over a year and ten months, and it has been second by second and ceaseless.

In a world where the psychopaths have no rules or boundaries, while yet having a great deal of financial resources, many of them can hold high power positions, and while appearing as citizens in good standing, they can perpetrate this atrocity in a highly secretive manner. It falls unfairly upon the victim to try and expose this illegal crime against humanity within a societal atmosphere of disbelief. In addition, the innocent victim is alone in fighting for their sanity and their life. In a world where this capability for malevolence is denied, it takes an open mind and suspension of disbelief to consider this writing fairly.

The morgellon receiver system, it turns out, can function as more than an audio system. This has to do with the placement of the morgellons within various muscle tissues, and organs of the body, and in places correlating with the human nervous system. The fact that the morgellons innervate the nervous system in ways beyond audio transmit, means that they can affect the human anatomy and physiology in various ways. For example, when perpetrators, from a great distance, send their frequency to the morgellons of the innocent victim, sometimes instead of an audio communication, the morgellons can neural lace with gross muscle and innervate, creating not just muscle contraction, but rather extremely intensive muscle cramping that goes much beyond the usual cramp and causes extreme pain to the victim. Specifically, the gastrocnemious (calf muscles) can contract so severely that this lasts for a good 10 minutes of agonizing pain. This can lead to a need for muscle healing that takes as much as a month. Another life and death example is when morgellons interface with a part of the neural network which innervates the neck musculature. because this can create enough muscle contraction for the esophagus to tighten and slow swallowing. The victim, in essence, can be ‘choked’ each time the muscles contract, and eating and swallowing becomes an extremely hazardous and life threatening situation. Again it falls unfairly upon the innocent victim to compensate and find ways to eat as safely as can be had under exceeding duress, or to die against their will.

Thus far, the information provided must seem rather strange and unthinkable to the readers. When an ongoing project is top secret, society at large hasn’t had any exposure to it, and therefore it seems shocking and much like a Twighlight Zone episode. However, with an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude, the seemingly impossible becomes a true non-fiction. The following will be a hypothesis regarding the make-up of the morgellon receivers, and it will, at first, sound very unlikely, but as you think about it from a biological viewpoint, it is more than feasible as a reality.

The world has become very highly aware of GMO foods. No one questions the reality of the GMO. But truthfully, the process of developing a GMO could sound like science fiction or not. Corn is a major GMO food in the United States. A simplified description of how corn became a GMO is that certain chromosomes were manipulated; chromosomes from a different organism were put into the nucleus of the corn to make it more pest resistant, and a virus or fungus was used to insert the chromosomes. The virus is what crosses the plasma membrane of the nucleus to allow entry of the chromosomes.

It is my hypothesis that the morgellon is similar to a GMO. I am speculating; as the victim of morgellons, I do not have the actual scientific paperwork to read, so my hypothesis is my best estimation as to the make up of morgellons. You may feel the “Twighlight Zone” effect when the idea of insects comes into play. However, insects have a great ability to pick up audio frequencies. Perhaps the scientists of the morgellon/DorthyAI project experimented with transmitting different frequencies to various insects to ascertain their receiving capabilities. Suppose the scientists discovered that certain insects received sound wave frequencies better than others, and then supposing they wanted to increase this capability even further. They may have then taken chromosomes from an organism with exceptional audio receiving ability and then transferred these into the insects, GMO style. Now suppose that the scientists envisioned a morgellon receiving system that didn’t need to be hand held, as a walkie talkie; perhaps they wanted to find a means of implanting the insect morgellon receivers into the human body to create a neural lace with excellent receiving and transmitting capabilities. Since these augmented “GMO like” excellent hearing insects received audio from the scientists, it can become highly believable that the insects could also transmit this audio to the neurons of the human, in the same way that human neurons in the ear can pick up sound wave frequencies, therefore, the human neurons can also pick up the sound wave frequencies from the augmented morgellon insects. Now exists an entirely believable morgellon receiver system in which sound wave frequencies travel from the scientists, from a great distance, to the augmented morgellon insect receivers, and then to the implanted human via transmission from the augmented morgellon insect receivers to the human aural neurons. Is that it? End of story? Perhaps not. It is feasible that the insects with greatest augmented sound wave receiving ability were not those which typically could live within a human, as everyone is aware that parasitic bugs do. The parasitic bug feeds off the oxygyn and nutrients from human blood. The augmented morgellon receiver may have had a “GMO style” insertion of chromosomes from another type of parasitic insect or organism to give the morgellons the capability of living within the human tissues; Perhaps chromosomal traits for hardiness were also inserted into the nucleus of the morgellon receiver insects. Now this is an entirely new and unusual concept for the general public to take in, and at the same time, with an open and neutrality, this becomes very believable.

Scientists, all around the world, value the code of ethics pertaining to research and experimentation. In the hands of such conscientious and responsible individuals, the augmented morgellon receiver insects project would have been tested very intensively to assure that no citizen fell victim to an unethical and highly damaging research project. In fact, having studied Psychology research, at the graduate level, I am highly familiar with an entire text book of research ethics. The world, in fact, is populated with at least 90% of people who are non-psychopathic and believe in the idea of “first do no harm”.

Tragically, however, about 10% of the population falls into the psychopathic category and they hold no ethics or rules regarding their conduct, and their “viewpoint” bombards the boundaries and rights of other citizens, and while the psychopath knows this, from a logical point of view, they don’t care and they won’t be stopped of their own accord. Yet their ability to appear as citizens in good standing allows them to engage in top secret experimentation which impacts individuals, such as myself, who do not have the financial means nor status to fight back easily.

The top secret augmented morgellon insect receiver project, aka, Dorthy AI, tragically, has been, and is being perpetrated by the powerful psychopaths of high financial and status position. The morgellon receivers, as you may recall, are capable, not only of audio transmission, but also of creating a neural synapse type interlace with the human muscular neural network, both gross and fine motor. Imagine these morgellon augmented insects were also given traits for having the same exact muscular innervation capability as the human neurons. Could the morgellon receiver innervators then interface with muscular neurons and create as much muscular movement as if the human physiology were creating this occurrence? Yes they could and they do when they are in extremely great numbers. What if the interface of morgellons to human neural networks created a situation where the morgellons caused the neurons to fire, causing muscular innervation when the human did not create this occurrence. The morgellon receiver innervators would, against the persons will, cause not only muscle cramping, but also the ability to use muscles for movement. This sounds like science fiction.

This is again the “Twighlight Zone” effect. Why? Well certainly because at first reading, this “sounds like “Invasion of the Body Sna’tchers” because everyone knows that this never really happens in real life.

BUT on the other hand, when looked at from a purely non-emotional, non-judgmental, and objective lense, via the bioengineering, epidymiology, physics, and other scientific fields of study, the truth that this “science-fiction has transformed into reality can not be denied. As stated earlier, I am an innocent victim of the 10% of psychopaths who have implanted this augmented morgellon receiver/innervator system within my body, against my will, and for quite a time, without my knowledge. I became fully aware of this as I suffered intense victimization starting a year and 10 months ago. However, itt was about 7 years ago that I noted some morgellons which had come out onto my skin when I was massaging my calf muscles.

I am highly traumatized and yet I push to survive and function; my ability to get out the door and job search and restart my life in Memphis, TN, does vary depending upon the physical tortures and my degree of bodily fatigue. I have become very upset and emotional as a result of stress build up from the perpetrators’ continual verbal torture, and at the same time, I’ve found that staying very calm, and even sometimes in a meditative state, does allow me to cope with this atrocity that is ongoing against me.

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