Regulation of the Private Tuition Industry

Just defining education in today’s world is a complex endeavor. Technology has redefined what it means to be literate and educated. The same technology has also brought about immense changes in the education industry, which was modelled after the needs of the industrial age. The challenges to the industry are many, including, most recently, from free online courses.

However, no matter how much technology provides the basic infrastructure to facilitate learning, the role of individual teachers and tutors cannot be underestimated. The role is increasingly important in a rapidly changing education ecosystem. When an industry undergoes a fundamental transformation, there are bound to be casualties.

Private tutors have contributed to the education industry in the past and their role is now being threatened. Most private tutors are self-employed and don’t have a set mission. Now, more than ever, the private tutoring industry needs to come together.

In addition to facing a rapidly changing industry, private tutors need to address the age-old problem of supply and demand. As more people enter the industry and demand either stagnates or worse, falls, there is a natural stress on wages. This isn’t just for those entering the industry but also for the established tutors.

Another problem of increasing supply of private tutors is the questionable marketing methods they tend to use. Parents and students are bombarded with all kinds of promotional material, which hinders rather than easing their decision making process.

Therefore to protect the interests of the people employed by the private tutoring industry and to ensure adequate professional standards, there is an increasing need for a professional organization that can oversee professional standards, and help parents find the right tutor for their kids. The organization needs to care for the future of the students and thus the country in providing quality education.

Private tutors provide a great service to the education industry, and a few bad apples cannot change that. However, an increase in the number of people entering the profession has certainly diluted the standards. This organization should make sure that they can weed out the serious tutors from the amateurs.

Such an organization should be able to provide parents with information that will genuinely aid their search for a quality tutor. It is important to remove the role of chance and guesswork in the process of finding the right tutor, because it is the future of our children that is at stake here. Such an organization should be able to certify the best tutors and ensure rigorous standards.

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