5 Dangerous Types Of The Politics Of Procrastination!

Nancy B. Alston

Why do so many, elected officials, and public leaders, seem to procrastinate, when, quality, well – considered, strategic, actions, are needed, necessary, and, clearly, indicated? While, clearly, the usual dangers of procrastination, make matters, worse (at least, often, potentially), when people, in positions of power and influence, proceed, in this manner, it often, creates additional hazards, and dangers, with potentially, dangerous, ramifications! After, over four decades of involvement, in many areas, related to leadership, as well as working on many political campaigns, there are, at – least, five dangerous types, of this, politics, of polarization, etc. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means, and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Racist/ biased: Too often, we witness racist, biased, prejudiced, behavior, and actions, from these individuals, as a way of appealing, to certain hate – groups, which, seem, enabled by, this type of rhetoric, etc! We are witnessing, more hate crimes, these days, than, perhaps, at any – time, in more than a half – century, in this nation! We must demand, an emphasis on, All men are created equal!

2. Political labels: Many use, the labels/ classifications, such as conservative, and liberal, in a way, which, appear motivated, on creating, a somewhat, false – narrative! Every time, someone, supports human rights/ civil rights, etc, positions/ legislation, some, politically – motivated, opponents, call his names, such as liberal, progressive, socialist, etc! They claim, often, to be, protecting this nation’s freedoms, etc, but, often, these attempts, are selective, in – nature! How can one, claim, to be conservative, when, he protests deficits, only, when, his political opponents, introduce a spending bill, but, have no issue with it, when, it comes from, a perceived, political ally? How do our citizens benefit, from these behaviors, and false – labels?

3. Distortions: While, we have often, witnessed, political – spins, never, as much, as we have, these past, few years! It is important to emphasize, while everyone is entitled to an opinion, and personal/ political preference, they aren’t entitled, to their own set of facts (fake and/ or, alternative facts)! In addition, every time, someone disagrees, it does not mean, they are the ones, articulating, fake facts!

4. Denials: We witness, often, politicians, resort, to denials, when, well – considered, facts – based, data – driven, information, indicates, action, and strategy, is called – for! Denying, the dangers of this horrific pandemic, did not make it go away, but, rather, probably, creating, a far – worse, situation, because procrastination, is often, the enemy, of quality actions/ strategies!

5. Vitriol: Normal, political rhetoric, is one – thing, but, resorting to vitriol, and hatred, is a far – different, one! Instead of bringing us, together, for the greater good, it creates an atmosphere, which makes, a quality, necessary, meeting – of – the – minds, more possible!

The better, we understand, the realities of these dangerous, political approaches, the more capable, we may be, to change things, for the better! Are you ready, and prepared, to be, a more responsible voter?

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