Astrology in Action – Pluto

Nancy B. Alston

Every newspaper and magazine worth its salt has an Astrology section for they know their readers will look at their STARS even if they don’t believe them…

Making Astrology work for you can bring love, money, happiness, satisfaction and pleasure, how can we make it work in our everyday life to bring us the things we desire? It’s a lot easier than you think for once you understand the basics the rest takes care of itself. The Sun moves into each sign once a month – changing the energy, focus and offering hope. The Moon zaps through all the signs in a month – changing your mood every 2ndor 3rdday, the rest of the planets move through the signs and houses at different speeds, some staying longer than others, with the planet Pluto taking the longest, currently in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto has always been associated with death and re-birth, transformation and conversion. I don’t know about you but going through any kind of ‘transformation’ is not as easy as it sounds – neither is any kind of ‘death and re-birth’ it’s all too painful…

Personally, I look upon Pluto as the God of Wealth, of hidden treasures and inner resources and the easiest way to use this ‘power’ is to understand the houses he visits for when he enter a sign or ‘touches’ one of your natal planets contained in that sign or house he brings change, he transforms, he converts. To give you an example I have Mercury at 5 degrees Capricorn (Transiting Pluto is ‘playing’ with my Mercury – too long a conversation to say what this means suffice to say ‘something’ is happening). The house Pluto visits has this to say to you:

Transiting Pluto into your 1st: when you look back at this time in your life, you’ll recognise it as a period of major transformation, perhaps the most important one in your life. It won’t happen all at once, slowly but surely your life is being altered, you may not realise the extent and importance of this time until you are much older and wiser but and here is the big but -this is a time of major transformation to your life. Try to recognise the need for change, and be willing to let it happen. You’ll feel drained of confidence and energy, and may become disillusioned, learn to relax and deal with things as they come; most of all, accept change. Your life is being redirected; read the signposts. The First House is about identity. It describes your personality, how you see yourself and how others see you! It can also describe your physical appearance, the self, your inner motivation, your physical appearance and soul purpose, along with your initial approach to life.

Transiting Pluto into your 2nd: Another long-term transit transforming many levels of your life – where you find yourself involved with something you said you would never do! You may even discover a secret admirer for there are changes in your love life and love of life – you’ve never dreamed of, all without too much effort on your part!Keep in mind during this transit your emotions and values are in the process of change and when this period is over you’ll be a new personality – wearing new clothes – possessing new values. The way you feel about love and relationships, for instance, will be completely different! Your taste is undergoing a change, from the way you dress, to the music you listen to; from your taste in interior decorating to your ideas about love, where your values, emotions and your love life are being tested to the full now. The Second House is about your talents, it describes what you value ranging from physical possessions and money, to personal self esteem and talents. Other keywords include: resources, both personal and financial, values and attitudes, possessions, self-esteem, acquisitions.

Transiting Pluto into the 3rd: Keep a note pad or diary with you because you’ll be doing everything ‘backwards’ where your memory lets you down, where mental tension and confusion reign supreme!Learn to relax, study meditation, and get involved with yoga and its principles – particularly those exercises involving deep breathing. Mental power struggles and coercion by those who want to control your thinking are all likely. Financial problems can arise – travelling is less safe and you should keep away from dangerous neighbourhoods! Positively: Your mental attitude alters constructively as a result of this period, don’t try to force your ideas onto others, and resist the attempts of others to control you mentally. This is the perfect time to write a book, or to do something creative with your hands, like sculpture, playing piano, guitar, anything for as soon as you have an outlet which is constructive and free-flowing, you’ll be rid of any tension and stress. Think positive thoughts, because those thoughts will become real. This is a good time for self-improvement at all levels. The Third House is about communication. It also refers to early learning, siblings, immediate environment and short journeys. Keywords include: mental processes and communication, active search for knowledge, early learning, siblings, short journeys, telepathy and mental energy.

Transiting Pluto into the 4th: This period is where your emotional nature and relationships are transformed – the decks are being cleared for a new stage of growth in your life. During this process, some deep, powerful and probably long repressed emotions rise to the surface! You’ll wonder where they came from and surprised at their intensity but it’s important to allow these feelings to’ just happen’ know it or not, their effect will be prove therapeutic in the long run. No matter whether you’re male or female your relationships with women will be intense and offer a ‘renewal’. Your mother or parent of the opposite sex will become particularly important at this time (remember this transit lasts a long time). Your home, lifestyle and long-term future are undergoing a major renovation/ renewal – you may relocate! This is a time when deep changes of a positive nature transform your life where large-scale forces beyond your personal control may cause family, financial and domestic affairs to change. Your home, perhaps your whole environment, will be altered in some way and on a positive note financially and emotionally, this can be an extremely important time for you. The Fourth House is about home and family. It describes your roots, your heritage and your private life. Other keywords include: home life, roots, family and relations, psychological foundations, biological inheritance, place of abode and opposite sex parent.

Transiting Pluto into the 5th: Becoming intensely /obsessively involved in whatever you’re doing, attempting to fix ‘anything’ that is or, isn’t broken whether it’s a machine, a situation or relationship! Power is the keyword to this transit, where you’ll come into contact with someone using his or her POWER, or more probably, abusing the power they have! You could, of course, merely come into contact with persons or situations that embody plutonian energies – now there’s a whole area of research alone! Your creative life will come in ‘violent’ outbursts of emotional fervour formulating ideas in art – be it painting, music or literature – seeming to come from the back of beyond or the recesses of your childhood! This can be an enormously inspirational or even disturbing transit, with all those ideas swirling around in your INNER MIND creating all kinds of weird and wonderful repercussions – this is a good time to make changes for the good of all! As this transit unfolds you’ll find new friends along the way or, on the other hand find you couldn’t care less, preferring to go your own way – either way, this transit certainly changes the love of life, your love life and your persona in general. The Fifth House is about creativity. This can include artistic pursuits, hobbies; recreation, children and lovers.

Other keywords include: Creative self-expression, love affairs, procreation and children, leisure, hobbies, games and sports, self-fulfillment, joy and bliss.

Transiting Pluto into 6th: Some people say you’re obsessive, others say you’re ‘Phobic’ whatever it is, one thing’s for sure – when it comes to health and diet, you just can’t be too careful! It’s like you have x-ray eyes and can see all the antibodies and disease-harbouring bacteria floating around the body! Thoughts will come quickly, be ready for them with pen and paper, for they are fleeting and if you don’t write them down there’ll be no lasting success. Keep a note pad or diary with you at all times and you may forget things. If facing exams your memory will tend to let you down thereby creating mental tension, creating stress, creating illness, creating. You’ll be subject to mental power struggles and coercion by those who want to control your thinking! Financial problems can arise and travelling is less safe than usual so drive your car in a safe manner at all times! When you have a constructive outlet and it is free flowing, you’ll be rid yourself of the tension and stress that usually ‘bugs’ this transit (lasting a long time in some cases). Even if you’re not professionally involved in some artistic field, find some outlet for your creativity – “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ” The Sixth House is about day-to-day life. It is about work, health, the service you give and your habits. It also relates to small animals. Keywords include: health, daily routine, working environment, skills, pets, animals and service…

Transiting Pluto into the 7th: At this time, your emotions and values are in the process of change and when this period is over you’ll be a completely new person with the way you feel about love and relationships to be completely different, for there’ll certainly be changes in your love life (love of life) that you’d never dreamt of. While it’s all in the process of happening, you’re not quite sure what you want so relax and let it unfold. You want to be in control, and can be quite obsessed with a relationship, or just love, the problem is, you can’t control other people’s feelings! Don’t waste your energy on someone who treats you badly, because real love is someone caring for you as much as you care for them and doing it openly. If you’re ‘on your own’ (even within a relationship) and it’s just all too hard, with all the heartache and effort involved, hang in there! You’ll recognise it when it happens, although you may have trouble believing it at the moment, don’t try to force emotional relationships at this time and keep away from people who are heavily coercive or manipulative and if you find yourself obsessively attracted to someone be warned the person you’re attracted to might be a ‘criminal’ type (and there are many types of criminals). Scream loudly if you sense situations where real sexual harassment might occur. Guard your property against thieves, and be ready to resist financial extortion. The Seventh House is about partnerships. This can be partnership in business, marriage or a committed relationship. Including business partnerships, marriage, long-term associations, open enemies, the anima and animus, the relationship between you and your ‘other’ you. Simply put: this is the house of attraction – and we all ‘attract’ whatever we dwell upon – think and act positive and you’ll attract the same – think and act negatively – what you can you expect?

Transiting Pluto into the 8th: This will prove a time of inner and outer change – your life is in a constant state of slow evolution that is entirely natural. This is a radical transition period; where the changes you go through become obvious to everyone and you have to gracefully (remember this word and where it comes from) allow certain parts of your life to fade into the past – to let go – to let die.

If you have an active, ongoing lifestyle, this should be no problem – if you are rigid and emotionally set in your ways you’re in for a shock or two (liking this transit to the mid-life crisis) a landmark stage in your life – you should be able to adjust for it doesn’t happen overnight! You’ll feel a sense of upheaval to your innermost feelings that you’re being forced into new directions against your will – this is just part of a life cycle, whatever your feelings of loss, be positive for you’ll soon discover that there’s a whole new world out there to conquer. The past is not lost, only a memorable part and foundation for the rest of your life to come -allow yourself and other people the opportunity to grow and change in the normal way – don’t cling to the psychological props of the past, but face each new day as the adventure in living that it is! The Eighth House is about the support you receive from other people. It is the house of regeneration, and covers death, sex, legal matters, and metaphysics. Other keywords include: Transformation and regeneration, resources of others, sexuality, death, transmutation and the battles of life we all face. No matter what sign rules the 8ththere’s always a Scorpio feel to this sector and a Pluto expression. “Where there’s death there’s life – look for it…

Transiting Pluto into 9th: The occult, and things to do with magic and mystery, learning something new, even a “peak experience” or ‘spiritual conversion’! If planning any kind of travelling, you could come into unexpected difficulties with strangers or strange (foreign) places so check all travel plans carefully. You’ll have big expectations now and if you don’t put yourself out on a limb, you’ll miss out on making considerable headway! Don’t push your ideas onto others who may not be ready for them, or care for them for you can see the ‘big picture’ others may not! Use strictly honest methods; avoid dealings with corrupt people and situations that could bring you into conflict with the authorities! Travelling either in reality, or in spirit, you’ll have insights into the future, seeing things to come not only for yourself but for loved ones, tell them; even if they laugh – for you’ll have the last laugh if you present your thoughts or insights in a logical, down to earth, practical manner remember good things are coming your way along with many opportunities for spiritual growth – don’t blow it in being arrogant, egotistical or big headed and actually achieve your goals, ideals and objectives. The Ninth House is about higher learning. It covers academic subjects, law, religion, publishing, foreign culture, sport, overseas travel and philosophy. Keywords include: Philosophy, religion, higher education, distant travel, cultural learning, publishing, your life’s ‘journey’ and ageless Wisdom.

Transiting Pluto into the 10th: You’ll find yourself experiencing unforeseen restrictions with elder members of the family, or the law! This is not a good period to express your points of view over to others, especially those who are superior to yourself! At the same time however, you may have to struggle against dishonesty and authority figures against those who are on some kind of power trip! Keep away from corrupt characters, or if dealing with them is unavoidable, remain strictly honest yourself. Eventually (and this transit can last a long time) you’re going to rid yourself of old fears and restrictions, as well as things that were programmed into you when you were very young! It might be difficult to let go – don’t be afraid – a new, freer lifestyle awaits you yet you may have difficulty in reconciling yourself in giving up certain things because they’ve represented security- even if they don’t make you happy! If you’re trying and trying and not getting anywhere, it’s because you can’t go any further in the direction you were headed! Your life is in a state of transition; something that was predicted for you many years ago will begin to happen now, giving you a new lease of life and new confidence in yourself. You’ll discover the patience and ability to organise and be more organised and make a lot of progress professionally. The Tenth House is about your public life. It shows you’re standing in the community, career, and social status and can reflect your attitude to parenting.

Other keywords include: Honour, authority, career and profession, life direction, achievement. Same sex parent!

Transiting Pluto into the 11th:This is a time when you’ll experience or make many changes to your life where everything and everyone becomes fresh and new (different). You’ll become more independent, original and creative. If all goes well, friends and people in general will admire and respect you for your independence and originality – a dream might be realised or dashed! Negatively: there might be some ‘evil’ around you in this period so do not force any kind of issues regarding career or love, otherwise you may have an emotional experience you may not recover from! If life is too unpredictable don’t make radical or drastic changes during Pluto’s entry or exit from this house. This’ll prove a time when upheavals are occurring in the outside world and you’ll want to make personal changes as well. If change is forced upon you, accept it with good grace, and expect future benefits to emerge in the long run. Group relationships and friendships will be altered with new friendships and associates appearing out of nowhere! Basically, you have to adapt to changes now and to make these appropriate to your own personal and long-term development. The Eleventh House is about your friendships and relationships with groups of people. It’s about your hopes and dreams, friends and social acquaintances, groups and organisations and their activities…

Transiting Pluto into the 12th: During this transit, strange forces surface in your emotional life, completely dominating your mood for days, weeks and even months on end! During these times, even you won’t know what’s at the root of it all, all you know is that you’re wrapped in a powerful darkness, for which the best remedy seems to be sleep – of all things! Hang in there for sooner or later you’ll come to realise that life is more exciting than you ever thought possible or even believe! At times you’ll feel low and depressed, moody and irritable for no reason at all, doubting yourself too much. Be careful when near or travelling by water or, listening to others emotional problems, otherwise you may find yourself being involved in something you cannot escape from! Your dreams and fantasies are undergoing a change/ transformation – don’t turn to drugs, alcohol or dangerous psychic practices. This could be a time when you are led to new inspiration, or allow yourself to sink into spiritual confusion! If you have a feeling of loss, be patient and allow new dreams to come into birth. Your dreams will come true, if you go with your feelings and not worry too much about what others think! The Twelfth House is about endings. It is about your hidden strengths and weaknesses. It’s about institutions such as hospitals, jails, libraries and the armed services. Keywords include: fears, hidden enemies, the collective, spirituality, selfless service towards humanity.

When any planet enters your 12th and stays there for any length of time you will discover your guardian angel, your spirit guide, your hidden strength, your inner resources, believe me, this is the house that reveals all there is to reveal – don’t be afraid of it…

Stay tuned for more interesting, inspiring and entertaining snippets from Astrology, Numerology and Tarot.

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