Doctor Who Action Figures Collection

Nancy B. Alston

The Doctor Who Action Figures are a treat for every Doctor Who fan. It comes in a set of 10 action figures that is packaged in a window style carton.

The figures are characters from the first series that was aired in 2005. Some of the Doctor Who Figure characters though have already appeared or have been mentioned in the older Doctor Who series. The series is a sci-fi TV show that has been entertaining generations after generations. Though it was first released in 1963, the revived TV program that aired in 2005 was still well received by the older fans and even gained new younger fans.

Among the many Doctor Who Toys released this is perhaps the best one as it is a collector’s item.

The characters included in the set:

  • The 9th doctor. The ninth personification of Doctor Who played by Christopher Eccleston in the first season of the revived TV program. He is a survivor of the Time War in which he wiped out his enemies, the Daleks as well as his own kin.
  • The 10th doctor. Played by David Tennant, this is the tenth personification of Doctor Who. He appeared in three series and also in eight specials.
  • Captain Jack Harkaness. First appeared in “The empty child” episode. A companion of the ninth doctor, he was previously a con man and also a time traveler in the 51st century. He became immortal in the final episode of the first season.
  • Slitheen. First appeared in “Alien of London.” They are a family of aliens from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius. They have been hatched from eggs and are considered as creatures from living calcium. Profit is their major motivation and from a young age they have already been trained to kill thus making them instinctive hunters.
  • Space pig. A creature that was created by the Slitheens. He was created to crash a spacecraft to be a means of distraction from the real Slitheen invasion on earth.
  • Autons. Artifical life forms that are animated by the aliens known as the Nestene Consciousness. They first appeared in the 1970 Doctor Who episode “Spearhead from Space.” They are also the first monsters that appeared on the show in color.
  • Daleks. Mutants from the alien race that came from the planet Skaro. With their catchphrase “Exterminate!” and their robot like casing they are determined to wipe out non Dalek life forms. They are considered as Doctor Who’s greatest enemies.
  • Empty Child. From the episode “The Empty Child.” This boy wearing a gas mask was spotted by Rose Tyler while Doctor Who was looking for the cylinder that the time vortex marked as dangerous.
  • Sycorax Leader. The sycorax are skinless humanoids who are masters of swords and whips. They have a weapon that can disintegrate their target’s flesh. The leader carries a deadly whip and staff.
  • Moxx of Balhoon. One of the extra-terrestrials that came to witness the Earth’s destruction. They are blue skinned aliens with a small withered body and a big head. They travel on a maneuverable high-tech chair.

Another great thing about the Doctor Who Action Figures is that old and new fans alike will surely enjoy it. Old Doctor Who fans who have watched the earlier series that ran from 1963 to 1989 would surely love this item as they can relieve the days and have this package preserved as it is a collector’s item. So it will be a good gift for your husband, your dad and even your grandfather.

As the series has been revived and has garnered a new and younger fan base, the Doctor Who Action Figures set will also be a great gift for you son, your nephew or niece. They can play with the action figures as their arms and legs can be moved and swiveled. This will be a great new addition to their Doctor Who Toys.

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