Do You Need a Retirement Detox? 10 Questions to Help You Get Your Retirement Back on Track

Nancy B. Alston

Are you struggling with retirement? It’s not uncommon. Once the ‘honeymoon’ period is over and the disenchantment starts to set in, up to 1 in 5 people can feel that their life is in the doldrums, they’re not getting the retirement they deserve and that, if this is all they have to look forward to, they wish they’d never retired in the first place!

If all this sounds horribly familiar to you, don’t panic… Use these 10 thought-provoking questions to help give yourself a Retirement Detox:

1. What do you want more of in your life? (What makes you happy?)

2. What do you want less of? (What bugs you, makes you unhappy or even downright miserable?)

3. What would your ideal retirement look like and how close to that ideal retirement could you get?

4. If this was your last day on earth, how would you spend your time? What implications does this hold for the way that you spend your time on a daily basis (and who you spend it with)?

5. Which activities do you do that bring you meaning and fulfillment?

6. Which activities do you do that just fill your time without adding anything of value to your life?

7. What do you do to add structure and a sense of purpose to your days?

8. How do you continue to obtain a sense of achievement and a ‘job well done’ now that you are retired?

9. Could you come up with a ‘bucket list’ – a list of 100 things that you still want to be, do and have before you ‘kick the bucket’?

10. What single, daily action could you take to ensure that you achieve all the items on your bucket list? For example, you could make an agreement with yourself that you won’t watch TV until after 9pm and spend the time between dinner and 9pm working on your list. Or you could commit to exercising for an hour a day to maximize your chances of being around long enough to achieve all the items on your list.

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