Start Taking Action to Increase Your Daily Success With Super Goal Setting Strategies!

Nancy B. Alston

To go from where you currently are in your life, to where you desire to be in the future, requires that you have goals.

Depending on how big your goals are, will determine how much you grow to feel motivated to achieve them.

Your future is the continuous manifestation of what you are planning to do!

In other words, what you plan today, determines what you are going to do tomorrow!

Your goals must be achievable and reachable; and with this in mind, they must be scheduled in a plan to the point where you conjure up enough emotion inside of you that drives you achieving them!

To start moving things forward with more passion, imagine yourself 5 years from now…

What would you like to achieve? What would you like to manifest for yourself? After you create success, how will you help the people around you?

This requires you to make a ‘present’ decision, in this very moment – to take action!

Your daily actions are governed by your everyday decisions!

Can you remember a time when you got fed up with something and you decided ‘enough was enough’ and it pushed you to create success??

Start thinking about what you want to create, and then think about what will happen if you don’t create it; what would be the ultimate price if you don’t take action?

Will you be poor for the rest of your life? Will you be overweight? Will you never find the relationship of your dreams because you didn’t take action?

Get fed up with your life right now (no matter how good it may seem) and decide to raise your standards for yourself, and TAKE ACTION DAILY to improve the quality of your life!

Remember; the word ‘decision’ in it’s original Latin form means to ‘cut off from’, this means you cut off from any other impossibility of making your dreams REAL!

This all starts with you taking a single step forward!

Have you ever climbed up a ladder? You realize that your goal is to reach the top, and you do this one foot at a time, one step at a time, until you can see the heights of your potential!

You should be excited about each consecutive step you take (no matter how small) because each step determines your ultimate destiny!

If you are a sales man, realize that with each and every knock of a door, there’s a new opportunity to close a better deal…

With every sentence you write in a book, creates more chapters that lead up to getting your book published.

With every press up and sit up you do – constantly builds upon more muscle – allowing you to lift heavier weights with greater strength!

Remember: The journey of 1000 miles starts off with a single step! Each small action you take will determine the type of life you are GOING to be living!

The future is what you are pursuing, it is the constant ‘unfolding’ of actions that your going to take today, and also the actions your going to be taking tomorrow… into the future!

You should be very interested in your future, because you are going to spend the rest of your life there!

Do something today, that will improve the quality of your life tomorrow!

God bless you,

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