A Guide to HR Grading System

Human resource management is one of the cardinal principles of management that ensures coherent approach towards achieving the organizational goals for an organization. Human Resource or HR is an integral and indispensable part of every organization that wishes to achieve success in its organizational goals thereby working towards its growth […]

3 Things You Absolutely Need to Play The Piano Well

The piano is perhaps one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It’s used in virtually every kind of music imaginable – including but not limited to pop, classical, rock, jazz, country, dance, electronic and more. There’s a good reason for this… it’s versatility as an instrument is […]

12 Tips on Developing Self Discipline

It has been proven that those people who accomplish more and are respected more have the ability to delay gratification. Think about who we respect – doctors, professors, writers, black belts, successful business people. All of these have made sacrifices to get to where they are today. I like to be […]