Electronic Sick Leave Certificates

Sick leave is allowed to a worker for a period of 90 consecutive or non-consecutive days for every service year. Out of which the first 15 days of the leave is leave with full pay, the next 30 days is leave with half pay and the rest of the days […]

Ancient Alien Theory – Evidence Aliens Were Here

The fact is: the evolution of human civilization and higher learning still remains a mystery to mankind. More and more evidence shows that ancient civilizations had an amazing understanding of Astronomy, Science and Math that in some cases rivals today’s cultures. But at the same time these ancient civilizations were […]

Talking With Your Children – Top 10 Tips

• Listen. A basic problem that arises when talking with your children is a lack of listening. True communication is a two-way street, a dialogue, an interchange. However, when one person is talking and the other doesn’t get a word in edgewise, then it’s a lecture. When one person talks […]

The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

When you hear the word “doll,” the first thing that comes to mind is “Barbie”. The major difference between dolls and action figures is that the former is oriented towards girls, while the latter is oriented towards boys. Dolls usually include matching outfits while action figures generally include clothing and […]