Three Important Facts About Self Discipline

Nancy B. Alston

Understanding important facts about being self-disciplined is the first step to mastering self discipline. Learn these three facts and be one step closer to being the most disciplined person you can be.

Many people in this world have the “Burger King” mentality – have it your way, and have it right now. Everyone wants a nice house, a solid relationship, a great body, and money. They want it all right out of college, and they want to work 20 hours a week to get it. This instant-gratification mentality will lead people down the road to failure. Understanding how the self disciplined live their lives will make it easier to learn how to be self disciplined.

1. The Self Disciplined are Realistic

  • Self-disciplined people say no to the have-it-your-way mentality and realize that instant gratification may create a short-term happiness but in the long run will lead to disappointment and failure.
  • They have learned that the things they desire won’t come automatically. They have an accurate perception of reality because good things take hard work. Their happiness might be delayed as they work to achieve this goal, but their realistic outlook on life ultimately increases their chances of being happy in the long run.
  • They know that to have the success, money, and happiness they desire, they must set goals and be motivated to see those goals through to the end, even if the end is more than a moment away.

2. The Self Disciplined Set Goals

  • Self-disciplined people don’t just wander through life expecting to have success and happiness.
  • They set goals and are motivated to see those goals through to fruition.
  • When setting goals, they first consider what they want to achieve during their lifetime – or at least a minimum of 10 years from the present. Setting these long-term goals helps form a mindset that can be the base of all other decisions.
  • They create a list of smaller goals that will help them to reach their lifetime goal.
  • They create a daily to-do list that helps them to reach a milestone of their lifetime goal.
  • They regularly review their to-do list and plans, to make sure they are consistent with the goals they are striving to reach.

3. The Self Disciplined are Motivated

  • Self-disciplined people constantly encourage themselves. They don’t insult themselves or discount their abilities. They talk to themselves with respect, patience, and understanding. This positive attitude keeps them motivated and not discouraged.
  • They do not go through the day with a monotone list in their heads of things they have to accomplish. They have passion about what needs to be done, and their enthusiasm motivates them to the end. Just like a football coach wouldn’t mundanely ask his players to win the game, elf-disciplined people motivate themselves with passion and excitement, and that energy gets them moving.
  • Self-disciplined people stay motivated by knowing how to feel good even when they are having a bad day. Everyone has days that make them want to crawl into bed and never get out, but disciplined people will motivate themselves by taking control of their thoughts and making themselves happy. They choose to run their brain in a positive way.

Understand the Self Disciplined

By learning three things that self-disciplined people do, it becomes easier to see how to model our own lives so that we too can be self disciplined. Self-disciplined people are realistic and know that success, wealth, and other things people strive for won’t come automatically. They require hard work, self discipline, goal setting, and motivation. Strive to be realistic, set goals, and be motivated to accomplish things, and the self-disciplined lifestyle will bring you the happiness and success you have always dreamed of possessing.

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