The Believer’s Guide To Legal Issues By Stephen Bloom

Nancy B. Alston

Biblical Principles For Christians Facing Legal Issues

Stephen Bloom provides astute counsel to Christian families in “The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues.” I found myself quickly engrossed in Stephen’s practical counsel, examples, illustrations, and his solid stand on Biblical principles when facing legal issues so prevalent in society today.

The chapters are made up of several parts. Each chapter begins with two fictional vignettes reflecting life lessons and more life lessons, Biblical insights, concluding with practical counsel. Individual sections complement each other and integrate Biblical principles with present-day legal issues.

Each chapter covers a unique sector of the law. The reader may identify with any or all of the fictional illustrations presented. We have all experienced similar incidents in one or more of the issues addressed. I personally found the chapters dealing with estate planning, the living trust, the living will, and the Medicaid planning, a revelation.

The final chapter presents the message of the Gospel as an invitation from God to accept His offer in terms of a contract. The message is clearly and simply and shows how the contract illustrates the offer and the opportunity to accept the offer – an exchange of promises. This is a beautiful word picture of salvation.

Stephen L. Bloom a practicing attorney, popular speaker, and adjunct instructor at Messiah College is well qualified to author this book. The scope of his experience in church, community, and ministry organizations give him the additional credence to offer related spiritual counsel.

“The Believer’s Guide To Legal Issues” provide the reader with counsel in legal matters, is an important and timely reminder of the importance of integrity, ethics in business, and observing wisdom in making sound decisions that hold fast to Biblical principles in civil and criminal law. Stephan Bloom clearly articulates sound advice and Biblical principles for Christians facing legal issues.

AMG Publishers, 97808995703210

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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