Stop Subvocalization and Start Doing Your Civic Duty

Nancy B. Alston

Typically, once you stop subvocalization, it will be much easier to investigate political affairs, and ensure that politicians do their job properly. Once you are able to stop subvocalization, it will also be possible to discover evidence of corruption, and other things that put an unnecessary burden on taxpayers. In a sense, you can think of learning how to stop subvocalization as a key element to restoring the wealth of the nation in a way that is better for the common people.

Even though your teachers may have forced subvocalization when you were little, it is a useless habit that needs to be eliminated. Typically, getting rid of this habit will cause a doubling of reading and comprehension speeds. Without a question, every student should stop subvocalization after fifth grade. Unfortunately, there are very few people that currently make a specific demand to ban this practice. That said, once an individual changes, he/she will be in a much better position to demand politicians make some meaningful and necessary changes in the education system.

After successfully stopping subvocalization, any person will be capable of:

o Successfully demanding changes in the way children are taught reading skills
o Ensure that politicians create meaningful and useful change in the education system
o Develop an interest in political affairs and their effect on everyday life.
o Tell others about the discoveries you have made about the implications of various policies and laws.

To develop these skills, practice by reading at a quicker rate than you can read out-loud, and scan more quickly with your eyes. All of this will help you stop subvocalizing.

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