Six Sigma Certification – When Corporate Politics Hinder Success

Nancy B. Alston

The goal of Six Sigma is to properly implement process improvement strategies by doing everything that is learned in Six Sigma Certification to achieve the desired end result. However, the very first step that you are taught during your Six Sigma Certification is how to deal with change management and get everyone that has a vested interest in the company on board with the process improvements that will be taking place before you even begin. This is the point at which corporate politics can come into play and make a huge difference in the overall success of Six Sigma Projects.

Corporate politics include everything from policies and procedures to even just over management that isn’t as accepting of change as everyone else in the company might be. By generating that support, you are making a much more forward moving process out of your improvements and your Six Sigma Projects, because you are convincing people and teaching people that change is acceptable and okay under any circumstance. When you actually have a qualified use for Six Sigma Projects, you are much more hindered in your success by little things like corporate politics and people putting up resistance change.

Fortunately, Six Sigma Certification teaches that change is a good thing and will train you on how to properly handle change management. This includes working with people to get them to understand why change is happening and that change is a positive thing and not something that they should be concerned about. Even though it might seem like you can go on with the project without that support the continued improvement after the process has been completed will not be nearly as successful, if you don’t have the full support of everyone who was involved in the company.

Before you embark on any Six Sigma Project, you need to take the time to allow yourself to work with change management and help people to understand that it’s okay when things change in the company so that once you begin the process you won’t have to worry about these little things that can get in the way. By allowing yourself the time and effort put forth in this process, you will be much more effective in your overall outcomes, because you will have the support of the entire company behind the changes that you are implementing. When you are trying to improve your business in a way that will offer benefits to everyone, having to worry about little things like corporate politics can seem tedious but they are part of the process that you must handle properly before projects can be started.

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