Is Action the Cure to Fear?

Nancy B. Alston

How much to do you know about Fear? In dictionary terms, it means a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, pain, concern or anxiety. In simple terms, it can stop us from doing the things we want as we view it in all the negative terms.

May I ask what are the things you fear of in life? Are you afraid of losing someone like your loved ones, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children or your own life/health? Or are you afraid of losing something like your business, money, property, or valuable items? It could also be your own pride, integrity, directions, meaning, purpose or career.

Fear normally comes from the unknown of the consequences. We normally do not know what will happen if we do this or do that. That’s why education is one of the ways to reduce fear. By educating ourselves, we can understand what we are facing. However, it can also increase our fear by knowing too much that we scare ourselves further.

Actually, the only way to cure fear is action. Whenever, there is something that you are fearful of remember to go head on with it by taking massive action to overcome it. Action, bring spiritual growth, experience, wealth and success from fear. Fear is the opportunity for action.

I have read from The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. In his book he recounts that during the WWII, the Navy had to teach their sailor to swim. The sailors are required to jump off a board six feet in the air. He observed fear in the faces of the sailors when they were asked to jump off the board. On more than one occasion, the sailors were “accidentally” pushed off the board. When interviewed, many former Navy men illustrate that action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fertilises fear.

In an interview by Will Smith he said, “Attack your fears. You gotta be motivated by Fear. You gotta attack your fears.” Normally, the fear we think of is VERY BIG, because we magnify them in our head, because we are focusing on the fear that’s when we scare ourselves off. Once you have gathered courage and taken action upon it, it is not that scary as you pictured it. After you have done it once, it is easier the next time round.

Take Massive Action against your Fears, instead of spending your time and energy on being fearful, use that energy to be constructive. There is nothing impossible. You can do it! What’s stopping you now? Nothing!! AHO!!

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