Internet Marketing Options – Google AdSense or Cost Per Action?

Nancy B. Alston

Internet marketing options are vast online. What are some of the reasons for picking Google AdSense or Cost Per Action? This is an area that many online business owners will wrestle with. Blogs might start for fun but eventually the owners start looking for ways to earn money. What are the options for turning web traffic into online income streams?

Choosing the Right Website Advertising Options

Contextual ads on a blog or website can be really easy to setup. Ad code can be loaded on a site one time and not have to be touched again. Web visitors come to the site and they see the ads. If they click on ads, the possibility for money to be earned is achieved.

Customize the Ads for Your Site

Contextual ads don’t require much work on your part. The most that you have to do is pick the color and type of ad that you want. Blending ads into the design of the site is not hard either. Just look at the colors that you use and make sure to set the contextual ads up the same way. Some sizes and types are more effective than others and it doesn’t take long to get the scoop on what types they are.

Top Reason for Picking Text Ads

Text ads have an advantage. You don’t have to worry about them. You can get them setup quicky and get your attention one hundred percent focused on driving people to your sites. You don’t have to worry about where the traffic is coming from. CPA offer can be really picking about where you promote the offers. This is not a problem when it comes to text ads that are handled by ad code. Using text ads is like popping popcorn in the microwave. You just set the amount of time and hit the start button. Presto, you have quick zapped meal. It is not the Texas Roadhouse but it is food.

CPA is Harder to Join than Regular Affiliate Ad Networks

Cost per action ads have more requirements than contextual ads. There are many different kinds of cost per action or cpa offers. The popular cpa offers include email submits or zipcode submits. A website visitor can enter this simple information and generate a commission. There are also cpa offers that generate commissions for downloading software or entering information on a lead form.

Answer Questions to Get Approved at Cost Per Action Ad Networks

What are some of the downsides of choosing cpa offers over contextual ads? CPA has tougher rules for getting approved. CPA affiliate networks might require you to go through more questions and require much more information than a regular affiliate network or online ad program.

CPA Offers Vanish like Vampires

The offers on cpa networks can disappear overnight. You can spend a lot of time coming up with content for a specific offer and the network can pull it from available offers. Do you want to waste your effort on sending traffic to a dead web link?

Cost per action networks can go out of business. Just about any company can go out of business, but the rules online for marketing keep changing and these types of companies go through lots of turnover.

So what is the bottom line when it comes online ads for your site? The truth is that you can do both. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to use monitoring you site. CPA offers just require more oversight.

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