Infinite Hierarchy of Beings Theory

Nancy B. Alston

Some believe that there is an infinite hierarchy of beings that are greater than human beings, additionally they believe that you cannot know all these levels of life until your travel up the hierarchy. Indeed this is an interesting spin on religion and a fascinating attempt at religion. Surely there are those who might buy into this concept having been burned by other religions in the past. It makes for a very interesting story and Sci Fi writer’s might chomp at the bit to take the ball and run with it.

Recently in an online think tank a gentleman threw his religion into a discussion on the speed of light and talked of infinite energy beings and then stated; “To be aware of them, you have to go up in the levels of life and hierarchy of beings, greater than human beings. And there are infinite hierarchy of beings!”

Well, you can imagine how the chicken crap and Bird Flu hit the fan on this one in a scientific think tank? This gentleman’s ascertain was challenged immediately by another think tanker who stated;

“You cannot prove this therefore it cannot be accepted as truth. This line of reasoning is fascinating indeed and worthy of a cup of coffee and a sit down chat, but beyond that will not work for most due to the un-provable nature of the comment. Isaac Asimov and others had discussed this as well. Although had not taken it to the infinite. This is indeed somewhat irrelevant to the subject of traveling faster than the speed of light and you have used the technique of “Baffling with Bullsh_t” here and strayed from a very serious and really important point for human scientists.”

It sure is interesting how such religions can filter into a discussion on traveling faster than the speed of light. Perhaps Gene Roddenberry might be proud of him for following the Star Trek Series so closely, who knows? My question to you is do you have theories or ideas on hierarchy of beings? Can you help this lost gentleman better his case, as he is getting pummeled in his belief system? Perhaps you might like to join in on these thoughts? Think on this in 2006.

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