Country Coffee Tables

Nancy B. Alston

Once you decide on a country theme for your living room there are a lot of things to buy from sitting areas like sofas and chairs to coffee tables where you can set down your drinks, you have a whole creative process to go through to decorate this space.

In this article we are going to take a look at the selection process for coffee tables and a few things you may want to think of before you buy.

Coffee tables can be a major part of the sitting area in a living room. If you think about it, they really are the central focus of most of the sitting space. What living room does not have the sofa and chairs circling these tables? There just seems to be something about coffee tables that makes them a center of social activity. Perhaps it is because they are the space where you will put down your coffee cup instead of swinging it around in the air when you want to talk with your hands.

Choosing country coffee tables may seem like an easy enough thing to do, just get something wood. Well that is a start. But if you have not been out shopping for tables lately, you may be surprised at all of the options out there. Here’s a look at a few things you may see:

Wood – As we just mentioned, traditional wooden, simple, handcrafted coffee tables are a great way to go for decorating a country living room. There is no shortage of options when it comes to this kind of table as well. Chances are you will be able to find just what you want, down to the measurement in inches, if you look around for a plain wood coffee table for your living room space. Just remember, if you are using a wood table to get coasters for those drinks.

Log – But perhaps you want something with a little more personality? Or a little more of that ‘I escaped to my cabin in the woods’ feel. Well this can be accomplished by going with a little more of a primitive wooden coffee table. In this case we’re talking about log tables. Log tables are very popular, as is the whole gamut of log furniture. These pieces literally look as if they would have been in a log cabin or made from left over logs after the cabin was built. Usually the base is made of logs and the top may be a split log with the flat side up, as your tabletop, and the underside still showing off some bark.

Decorative – The final option is if you really want to make a statement with your coffee tables. There are a lot of specialty and artistic country tables out there. For example, imagine a bear statue that is lying on his back, four paws up and holding the glass tabletop. This is just one of the many artistic country designs out there on the market today that can let you really personalize this living space.

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