Chromo-Therapy to the Ultimate Degree

Chromo-therapy has gained in popularity in the last 10 years due to its obvious beneficial results. Although it is an ancient science and used by the ancient Indian, Egyptian, and many cultures in the Americas and Europe, it was in the 20th century that several pioneers began to bring it to the attention of natural healing practitioners in the US, England and Europe. Especially in England color therapy schools were begun and in the US Dinshaw Ghadiali (1873-1966) was most notable for his work he called “spectro-chrome” color therapy.

Today we are seeing these same principles of healing with the bands of color that make up white light applied using gemstone therapy with results even Ghadiali (an Indo-American) would have found phenomenal. The Indian culture had the most information on what were termed the “cosmic” rays of color that were an integral part of every atom in the universe. Their scriptures spoke of this extensively and there were texts about gems that extolled the virtues of natural gemstones as being “inexhaustible repositories of color”.

The medical science of India called “Ayurveda” used gems in specially prepared and purified medicines rendered such that the body when taken orally could safely ingest them. Their astrological system, called “Jyotish” or more popularly “Vedic astrology”, has within it a system of remedial measures of which wearing specific gems would have beneficial effects on the wearer. They were said to be able to heal the body and mind, as well as to positively impact gains in wealth and prosperity, when correctly prescribed and worn externally on the body in the form of rings or amulets.

The most fascinating development in using chromo-therapy coupled with natural precious gemstones is in “gem lamps” made to hold both a precious gemstone and color filter between 2 lenses. An electronic instrument is then used to impose a frequency between 1 and 16 HZ on the lamp through a copper coil and the light passing through the gem and filter is beamed upon various parts of a person’s body.

Practitioners report healing of skin problems, digestive difficulties, chronic pain, calming of nervous disorders, help with infertility and much more. The research into healing of serious disease using the gem lamps is much more aggressive in the UK and Europe than in the US, and India’s researchers have become extremely fascinated with it especially because it is directly attuned to ayurvedic principles of medicine.

In the US the chiropractors and ayurvedic healers are taking the most interest in it of the natural health care practitioners. The “Navaratna Gem lamps”, using precious gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald & diamond seem to be at the leading and cutting edge of this technology. However it is the spa industry that is most likely to make this therapy a household word in the near future. Always interested in something that naturally calms a person, reduces anxiety, relaxes muscles, increases elasticity of the skin and induces a person to feel that they are getting “healing”, they are the ones showing the most interest. Both resort and medical spas are starting to introduce “blue sapphire” massage, which relaxes a person with blue sapphire rays before and during a massage, and “emerald facials” where emerald rays are beamed on the face before and after a facial to reduce skin breaking out and smooth away wrinkles, to their clientele with avid enthusiasm.

As the gems are said to transmit only one of the bands of visible (or invisible in the case of infrared or ultraviolet rays) light using them in these special lamps, this allows the practitioner to isolate only one of these “cosmic” rays. Just as color healing suggests that it is the absence of particular vibrations, which also manifest as particular colors, in the body that causes disease, so does the philosophy of gem therapy healing. The difference being that the gems hold thousands of times more potency in transmitting the desired color, or vibration, lacking in the body to begin to immediately effect healing. The introduction of the ruby gem, for instance, along with the red filter multiplies the power and efficiency far beyond what color healers ever imagined to transmit the “hot” red ray. The same is true with the other gems used for both heating and cooling color ray transmission. 9 basic gems are used and they transmit the seven visible rays of color and 2 invisible rays individually.

The scientists adding the imposition of a low frequency to the lamps is a new twist and seems to make the effects that much more dramatic. Interestingly enough the frequencies used are in the same range as the normal and healthy frequency range of the human brain. Very high frequencies are not being used and the creators of the instruments say that they are working with the natural vibrations of the human body and psyche. Beta frequency, being 16 HZ, is the highest being used by them, as they say anything above is deemed “high beta” and is where anxiety, stress and exhaustion begin.

In a world where stress and anxiety are the leading causes of mental disease, heart disease and other maladies, such a natural therapy has a wonderful prognosis for the future of healing. No doubt Balaji Gem Instruments who manufacture the first widely available medical equipment for this field will soon be joined by other researchers and manufacturers who see the beauty and utility of this joining of ancient wisdom and modern science.

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