Are You in Action-Faking Mode? If So, There’s A Way To Snap Out of It!

Nancy B. Alston

Action-Faking is taking many of us by storm. Truth be told, some of us are unaware that we’re even doing it, yet we may wonder why we’re not making progress towards our desired goals. Our goals sure look good on paper or digitally on our cell phones. The plan looks complete and good enough to achieve. So, why aren’t we making progress and seeing growth or even movement towards that desired goal?

Is it possible that action-faking is ruling our minds? By the way, what in the world is action-faking?

Action-faking has also been known as the hamster wheel of self-improvement and it works like this.

Every morning you wake up and write down your goals on paper, in a journal, or even type them into your cell phone journal. An example of this would be: “By this specific date next year I will be earning X amount of money, or I will have a secure job with benefits, or I will have attained my degree in (you name it).” The adrenalin pumps with a resounding YES, and you do this consistently every morning for 90, 180, or even 365 consecutive days.

Writing down your goals can be very exhilarating because they sure look good and seem very do-able. However, if shortly after your imaginary journey of success you return to excessive movie watching, unrestrained video gaming, or extreme social media engagement, then making your goals a reality could very well diminish.

Here’s a question for you. Have you ever stopped to see a little hamster running in his hamster wheel? He goes full steam ahead and gives it its all. Every now and then he stops to look out at his surroundings with a look that says, “Am I there yet?” So, what does he do next? He goes back into the wheel and goes just as fast as before and repeats the same behavior. It can be very entertaining to watch!

Unfortunately, some of us do the same thing and it’s not entertaining. If we imagine wonderful end results yet take no action, there is no progress. That can be depressing!

Action-faking is simply an imaginary mind game we can’t afford to participate in if we intend to achieve a desired goal. Action-faking can be eliminated with a simple yet hard method called Action-Taking, also known as ‘doing the work’ and ‘putting in the effort’.

Bottom Line: Imagining is not enough, we must DO!

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