123 Power System Review – What is it & Will it Work For You?

Nancy B. Alston

First things first the 123 Power System is not a Cash Gifting System or a chain letter scam nor is it MLM.

When you buy the this system what you get is a 150 page manual sent to you by snail mail. You will also receive a Quick start guide, a CD with more promotional material and sample ads that you can use to write your own ads.

The manual itself teachers you how to do old school offline style marketing tactics that work incredibly well for whatever product or business that you are trying to promote or sell. People go to University for years to learn how to do these same marketing strategies.

Some of the Strategies covered in the manual are

1. Direct Mail

2. Fax Broadcasting

3. Email Broadcasting

4. Postcard Marketing

The reason its called the 123 Power system is that it teachers people a simple 3 step process for how to make money with their business or product.

Step 1. Involves using Free or Inexpensive methods to promote your product or the 123 Power System

Step 2. You will now use most of the profits from step 1 to invest in more paid advertising techniques taught in the manual.

Step 3. Again you will now use 25-50% of your profits from step 2 to invest in Mass Mailings, Letters, Postcards and PPC

The 123 Power System can also be marketed online as well, using free methods such as classified adds, Squidoo, YouTube, article marketing, press releases. As well as paid methods that always convert higher and can be automated such as PPC and Paid Classified adds. There are many different websites you can have built for whatever your budget is. Some people have private training websites that are password protected to show their associates how they market the 123 power system.

Now you can use these marketing tactics for any business that you are trying to promote but the real power in this system comes with the resale rights of the manual itself. There are many websites out there that have resale rights to their product but where most of them fall short is that they don’t actually teach you how to promote the product, I myself have be caught in a couple of those businesses that went nowhere since i didn’t actually know how to market them effectively.

Now I am not saying this product is for everyone you will need some starting capital the more you have the faster you can get into profit by doing Postcard Marketing and Online advertising and if you are outside of the USA you will need a website to promote the 123 Power System and receive payments but these are very easy to setup and you can get this all setup at different price ranges according to your budget.

I personally use the manual to promote different business online and offline and feel that any serious person can use the techniques outlined in this manual to skyrocket whatever business they want to promote and also make some extra money on the side promoting the manual itself.

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