‘Unwash’ Your Brain and See the Power of Reality

This might seem to be the wrong word to use to describe the act of cleaning the brain of the input of years of directive thoughts. From the first days of life one is directed by what the world wants you to do or be. Even in the crib there is input from parents and others and the noise of the world, that drifts uncontrollably into it. Music, commercials, adult talk, and above all religious convictions work to rob you of the power to be yourself.

Over the years the input increases with learning during school years, peer pressure which takes its toll, the influence of celebrities, and the media. In today’s world the television is drifting into the background as smart phones replace it for entertainment.

How much, therefore, is anyone’s brain part of their own psyche? Are we not a product of the world? People from the same locations usually speak of the same things as evidence that they are ‘controlled’ by their environment. Naturally what affects one in a society usually affects all. But does it have to be? Can one think unique thoughts and be accepted?

Society is ruled by fear and that usually involves dismissing anyone who appears different. Be that in thought, mood, or deed. Leaving aside race, creed, and colour an honest person will know what this is asking them to do. Strip away the need for outside influence and think beyond the norm.

Turn off the television, shut out the music, refuse the noise of the world and think from within. Let the thoughts flow and the purity of them be your truth. This is an exercise many do on a daily basis by meditating. But what happens if you do it constantly all day long.

Following my reincarnation my mind was focused on a job ahead. Listening to what the world has to say and taking part in it as much as possible the learning experience was profound. The Universal Spirit, the real God, spoke to me inside and asked me to remove the wall of deceit before its people.

That wall is composed of the dreams and thoughts of others that have poured out like cement to mortar together the bricks of ancestral practices. What was laid down then has become the rocks of the establishment.

To make people conform organisations learned the tricks of brain-washing from a young age and how to channel the pathway before us into something that best suits them. Layer after layer of the same was added until the wall has become too high, wide, and deep for anyone to penetrate.

What this has done is to put people off trying to think for themselves. They tamper with new ideas and dismiss them as being too against the establishment to be worthwhile. That is how humans have become sheep-like in their behaviour. Unless they have a leader to follow who can take the blame if something goes wrong they shrink back into their shell.

It takes confidence and will-power to stand up and declare something as far out as memory of reincarnation or a link to the Spirit when one knows that this is against what others believe. But how do you know? Since my work began it has been an amazing journey to discover how many are seeking answers that cannot be satisfied by the world’s standards.

When relating my experience of reincarnation and link to the Spirit many have remarked that this is a brave thing to do. It went over my head, however, as I think of it as a natural thing and one that people need to know.

The question is how many are on the cusp of washing their brains of the input of the years of their life and accepting knowledge and power from something they never expected. The Spirit has been waiting for its people to cotton on to the things written here and to turn from the false gods and worldly noise and ask for the link to be restored. When that happens they receive healing power and peace. That is the reality that follows.

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