Tips For Becoming Self-Disciplined and Persistent

Nancy B. Alston

However, it is not entirely impossible to stick to your words. Here are a few tips that you can follow to achieve self-discipline and persistence. The first and foremost thing to do is to keep emotions aside. Emotions are the worst enemies of self discipline, which is nothing but the capability to sick to promises or resolutions no matter what inner turbulence you are going through.

For instance, if you decide to shed a few extra pounds from your body, you are likely to make a time table of daily exercises and workout session to achieve the desired weight loss. You will be quite enthused to begin with, but given a difficult situation at work or at home, you can quite easily feel de-motivated to follow the set schedule and will consequently skip your exercise routine. This gap in your routine can then snowball into subsequent larger gaps for one reason or the other.

This happens to all of us at some point or the other, but if you are guided by self discipline, you would not allow minor hitches to break your routine. The emotions should not be allowed to override your determination for losing weight or any other such thing. However, people lacking self discipline would give in to the fact that it is their fate to stay overweight.

The best way of getting rid of emotions is to face them, accept them and then move them aside, so that they do not hinder you in achieving your goals and you can become self-disciplined and feel in control.

Secondly, you should also try and develop an appreciation as well as a consistent trail of success. It has been seen that if your get used to success, it will be easier for you to continue the habit. For initiating the process, you need to set short term goals on a daily as well as weekly basis.

For example, if you have to lose weight, you should set a goal of a few pounds at a time, which is quickly achievable. If your target for a month is less than 5 pounds, it is more attainable and it will make you feel confident after you have achieved it. Then you can go ahead with another set of targets for the next few days, setting a pattern of success that will help you in cultivating this skill for other areas as well.

You can continue the trend with other things and goals too, such as in finances, relationships and other areas of life, where you need a pattern of success as well as persistence.

Thirdly, you should learn how to make small changes to achieve something big. These small changes will contribute towards achieving larger goals with the help of a trail of successes, which can take you a long way. A simple illustration for such change can be that if you want to shed a few pounds you should try drinking more water. This might seem like a small step but it can bring significant change in your life. These steps can in fact help you move towards cultivating persistence and self discipline in every sphere of your life.

Last but not the least, you should throw a party for yourself for every success you achieve. This would keep you enthused and determined towards achieving your goals. Following these tips will not only help you become self-disciplined but also bring a lot of positivity in your life.

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