The 4 Types Of Emotional Wounds In Conscious Relationships

Nancy B. Alston

Do you have inner pain? Is there something that bothers you about your partner and your relationship, but you just can’t figure it out? To Co-Create a Conscious Relationship, you must discover the reasons beneath the pain, and then bring them to light so they can be healed. Read on and find out what may be behind your own pain.

Emotional wounds stem from many different sources. Most people bear some kind of emotional wound, and some people unfortunately harbor multiple, unhealed wounds and scars. Wounds and scars can include:

Childhood Wounds – Such wounds are caused by our parents and primary caregivers. These are usually the deepest and most painful of the wounds we have. Some can be severe wounds resulting from the trauma of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse. More typically, they come from the experiences of parental fighting and divorce. When parents do not take the time to listen, understand, and empathize with their children, they inflict such wounds.

Other Wounds – Such wounds are caused by siblings, school, friends, work, relatives and society. Factors like excessive teasing in school over a period of time, an abusive uncle calling you “fat” every time he sees you, or a boss reinforcing your beliefs that you are not smart enough or good enough.

Relationship Wounds – Such wounds are caused by the painful actions, words, and events of your current/previous relationships. Negative memories of past failed relationships inflict relationship wounds. Painful experiences of toxic and abusive behaviors and actions by you or current and former partners also originate them.

Self-inflicted Wounds – Such wounds are self-inflicted because of decisions, behaviors, and actions. Serious wounds c occur from alcohol and drug abuse. Similarly, errors in judgment may have led you to make other bad choices in life-in relationships, careers, and finances.

All of these wounds can cause pain and fear, which result in serious problems for a relationship. Knowing that you or your partner have deep, unhealed wounds is a step toward healing and releasing that fear. You can both work to solve the problems caused by the wounds and the relationship can be healthier for it.

I hope you and your partner

Gain the Awareness, Learn the Skills and

Practice the Techniques so you are successful on your

Journey from “I-TO-WE” to live your lives as each other’s

Best Friends During the Day, Lovers at Night, and Partners for Life.

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