Sure Signs of Poor Parenting

Nancy B. Alston

Parenting is not an easy task and there is no handbook one can peruse through for how it should be done every step of the way. It should simply flow naturally. However, there are times when life’s frustrations become so much that poor parenting creeps in slowly without notice. Though one may not perceive a certain trait as poor parenting, the effect such can have on a child can destroy his or her life forever. Since no parent wants to bring up a child who regrets having him/her as a father or mother respectively, it is important to beware of the signs of poor parenting and correct them as soon as they set in.

Neglect is among the most common signs of poor parenting. Maybe you are too busy at work to get time to spend with your child/children. Or perhaps you have just never liked children. Maybe you think they are too boring! Whatever reason it is, there must be no excuse to neglect a child. Physical presence should be maintained and give as much attention to children as they need. The only way to ensure a child grows up into a sociable being is to spend time with him or her. This also helps build trust between the parent and child. Avoiding spending time with a child, regardless of the reason is the number one step to neglecting them entirely emotionally, financially and mentally. This is the leading cause of runaways and no parent would ever want that.

Not disciplining your children enough is another major sign of poor parenting. It is not uncommon for children to be naughty but this should never be allowed to go overboard. Do you feel like you can only host guests at your house past your children’s bedtime? Are you in and out of school solving your child’s indiscipline cases? Then it is high time you looked into your parenting because something is absolutely wrong.

Well-raised children should be able to co-exist with other people without causing trouble. It is the role of a parent to explain to his/her children what is right and what is wrong and correct them when they go wrong. Lack of these teachings and corrections is poor parenting and this is what leads to undisciplined behavior.

Physical abuse is the surest sign of poor parenting. As much as children can make mistakes, physical abuse is no way to correct them no matter how much rage the action raises in a parent. Parents should always take their time to listen to their children’s explanations instead of jumping into conclusions and beating them up. A beating will make a child hate you rather than respect you as a parent. If you find yourself hitting your child anyhow even at the verge of anger, it is time to back away and correct your parenting behavior.

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