Snooker Cueing Action

Nancy B. Alston

The main point to cover while learning to play snooker is the snooker cueing. The perfect snooker cue action tips involve knowing how to hold the cue, the grip, the stance and the line of sight. Once the cue action is perfect, it is rare that the shot goes wild. To have a proper cue action you need to be confident and have patience and concentration. In fact concentration is the main thing when you are holding the cue for a shot.

The cue grip

The first tip of snooker cueing is the way you are going to hold the cue. This is called the grip. Its about how tightly or loosely to hold the cue so that the cue is in the straight line with the shot. The cue is placed on the ‘v’ formed by the thumb and the forefinger. There should be enough grip from the thumb and the forefinger. The other fingers should be tight enough not to let the cue butt swing from the butt. In case you are holding too tightly it may put tension on your cue arm and on the bridge that is the ‘v’ which may lead to your shot missing the mark.

The approach

An important snooker cue action tip is to know and plan what kind of shot you are going for. Your stance, delivery and approach should be well thought out. You should have a confident approach only when you have made a shot selection and know the outcome of such a shot. There are times when players are not sure about which shot they are going to take. This results in inconsistent body and cue action. This kind of snooker cueing leads to unreliable line of the shot with the cue which leads to a missed shot.

The bridge

Another snooker cue action tip is how to form the bridge with the thumb and the forefinger. The ‘v’ formed is a channel which provides space for the cue to act. The cue should be at a perfect height with the ball, so the bridge has to be in an ideal position. A good bridge would be where the fingers are straight, spaced out well and at a desired height. The bridge should be made to go higher or lower to depending on the kind of shot you want to take. It should have flexibility to make a central strike or screw or top spin. Also you must check the distance of the bridge from the ball depending on your shot selection and backswing required for such a shot.

The stance

The stance is another requirement for successful snooker cueing. The right foot should be in place near the shot the left foot should be ahead of the right foot and the hips should swivel. The right leg is to be straight and left leg bent at the knees. The whole stance should be comfortable so that you can hold it easily till your shot is over.

The feathering

The final snooker cue action tip is doing a bit of rehearsal known as feathering to get the eye in line with the ball and the pockets and after a steady feathering the final shot should be taken. This way you can have a perfect snooker cueing.

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