Rahu’s Transit in Capricorn in 2009

Rahu-Ketu will be moving into the Capricorn-Cancer axis on 30th April 2008, and will remain there till 13th Nov 2009. Capricorn signifies business and the industry, and the sign is ruled by Saturn. So, this Rahu transit may continue to change the business and the industrial scenario during the year 2009. It can be a painful experience, but ultimately it may bring positive results for the industry and also for the investors.

Rahu also signifies drugs, poison, illusion, phobia and power plays. And, it’s element is Air. Rahu will meet Jupiter on 12th February and Mars on 15th February 2009. There will be a solar eclipse on 26th January 2009. All these planetary configurations can bring major crisis in the world. We might witness dirty power plays, deceptions, unknown diseases, air accidents, and also natural calamities like earth quake due to Rahu’s placement in the earth sign Capricorn.

Capricorn also signifies discipline, and the energy of the transiting Rahu may force the world to be more disciplined and realistic. Saturn, the ruler of sign, will be moving in the 8th house from the transiting Rahu till September 2009. It may restrict the transiting Rahu from giving the desired positive results. Saturn’s entry in Virgo in September 2009 may allow the transiting Rahu to behave more freely and independently. So, the phase between 10th September and 13th November will be very important. We can expect positive changes and the rewards of disciplined efforts during this phase.

This Capricorn transit of Rahu can be stressful, as it is likely to create emotional disturbances. The impact can be acute for those who fail to understand their own emotions and desires. If this transit does not affect the crucial points of the individual’s birth axis, then it would have been rather easy to control these issues.

The eclipses in the year 2009 will be going through Capricorn and Cancer. So, people who have critical points on this axis, may face some turbulences and their lives may change. People with Gemini and Sagittarius Ascendant may also face problems and difficulties in their lives. People with Gemini and Sagittarius Moon sign may have some anxiety and insecurity.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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