Promises Broken

Nancy B. Alston

At a time of great distress all across the country our political leadership has once again failed to deliver on promises that would up lift millions of Americans out of the desperate times they face. The economic and financial relief that was the keynote of their campaigns especially in the Georgia runoff, a promise and commitment to immediately expedite financial aid to millions of Americans who face unprecedented economic and financial hardships is once again proof that our political system is corrupt. Corrupt in every sense of the word. Our politicians are bought and paid for by corporate interests and they are the ones who control the purse strings.

When political leaders fail to deliver on promises and when there is no outright condemnation by either the media or the public for their failure to follow through or delay their commitment breeds the growing mistrust in government. The political system in the United States today has morphed into an institution that breeds distrust from the public. It was this mistrust in our government that enabled Trump to galvanized mass support in which our whole political system was not only called into question but almost was turned into a full blown insurrection.

For far too long people in government make commitments prior to elections only to fail to keep those commitments. It is really no wonder then that the public remains skeptical and even outright fearful that they will only make things worse. In too many instances our elected officials have actually made things worse for the public. The voting public in which these politicians are sworn to serve. And, yet they continue to only serve themselves

What brings this all home is the fact that the many of our congressional Democrats have once again reneged on the stimulus aid that they assured would be delivered almost immediately. Instead they now are proposing that aid would be included in other legislation. The net result is that they actually lied to the American public, something Trump was famous for. It is not only members of the Democratic party but Republicans as well. It is these Republicans who are too caught up in their conservative views that actually blind them to the horrific deplorable conditions millions of Americans face each day.

Everyday when there is a delay or other justification they say to delay passing legislation that would actually benefit the American public is adding to the mistrust we have in our government. Certain members of congress realize the enormous riff that is brewing between the publics distrust of one political party over another. And, when there is so much animosity and polarization between political parties the chance of anything remotely actable to alleviate much of the suffering millions are facing is next to impossible.

With a ragging pandemic, Great Depression realities facing millions of Americans and a global environmental crisis that urgently needs to be addressed are the urgent crisis that have to be the first and foremost realities that our government must tackle. Yet, they have continued to fail to come to a complete consensus to the solutions that would secure America’s future. It is as thought it is Democrats vs Republicans. A complete breakdown of unity for the greater good of all Americans. And we can blame that on the policies that our elected officials have already passed from the past 5 decades.

Many are entrenched politicians that have long since passed their usefulness to their respective constituents. Their only motive now seems to be obstructive politics that subverts the reason why our country was founded. And, that has only added to the distrust and broken promises of elected officials to the public. We have to remember to always uphold our elected officials to be accountable for their actions and their commitments to the public. Without holding them accountable as we are seeing the results today our nation is more divided than ever. And, the rising tide of distrust in our government will soon engulf this nation so that our future will seriously be in jeopardy.

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