Point Of Discipline (P.O.D.)

Nancy B. Alston

There are times in life where you have had enough of yourself, and you have to change for the better, not the worse. The point of discipline at the end of a bad habit is that point. Whatever the habit is: Smoking, drinking alcohol, narcotic drugs, sugar, lying, procrastinating, whatever it is. The point of discipline at the end of a bad habit is the beginning of the best habit in God or the Source of it all and their reality: Discipline. We all love to overcome, but who loves to escape the comfort zone and do the initial work when entrenched in a bad habit? Not too many people love to do that.

Yet, the escaping of the comfort zone through the point of discipline is the only way to genuinely get rid of a bad habit that is harmful.

Think here. Who wins when a bad habit is overcome and replaced by a disciplined and sober good habit? Every person wins that genuinely allows excellence, works with the good and great, and lives honestly for themselves and their own benefit.

But, when mired in a bad habit and genuinely do want to get out, remember this: The point of discipline is here, the point of discipline is now.

After all, the true and honest colors of life work with the genuine good. The genuine bad is just an appearance, a flicker of imperfection on the face of eternity and reality. We all love to get what we want, but most do not like to earn it. That is why comfort or erroneous zones are so powerful. Indeed, when the point of discipline where a person cannot take their bad habits anymore or want to change them to good is reached, that really is “it” or it is the genuine beginning of the good.

Indeed, discipline is not a given, it really starts at the point where the human nature is fed up with being in a “comfort zone” of bad habits. We all love to achieve. What are we willing to pay or give up to achieve though? For the loser, it is all compromise and weakness. For the winner, it is a great habit made in the mind spiritually above all else.

What do you think all of the Matrix movies are about anyway, really. It is not red pills, blue pills, magic tricks, and fancy special effects. The point of discipline in reality. How much can people take until they leave the fantasy of the comfort zone or not being disciplined in effort to genuinely win?

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