Pavlov’s Theory – How to Make a Girl Love You

Nancy B. Alston

What’s Pavlov’s Theory?

Pavlov’s Theory or more commonly known as Classical conditioning, is a form of associative learning that was first demonstrated by Ivan Pavlov. The typical procedure for inducing this theory involves pairing an unknown brand, things, words, people and music repeatedly together with some other stimulus that you know already automatically elicits positive feelings or emotions.

So how do you think this theory will help you to learn how to make a girl love you? Let me enlighten you.

3 Steps Guide:How To Make A Girl Love You?

Step 01: Scan Her Brain For Sweetness

Each and every people that you meet have different sweet memories, things or behaviors that they enjoy doing frequently. The key is the feelings that were evoked while he or she get involved or exposed to her favorite things. So scan her brain for any sweetness that’ll bring her into a moment of happiness. This is the first step to apply Pavlov’s theory.

Step 02: Associate Yourself With Her Favorite Things

Once you’ve found out her favorite behaviors or things, associate yourself with it as much as you can. The secret is that you’ve to make the experience as natural as you can so that she wouldn’t think that you’re faking it up. Our ultimate aim is to make her remember and associate us with something positive in her brain.

Step 03: Keep Repeating It

Keep repeating the actions that will make her associate you with something sweet in her brain. As you know, the only way to make someone to remember us permanently is by entering that person’s long term memory. Repetition is the key to do that and eventually you’ll be able to learn how to make a girl love you with this technique.

Let’s recap what’ve learned in this article:

o Pavlov’s theory can be defined as a form of associative learning that’s used to enter someone’s long term brain positively

o Repeat step 1-3 patiently but you’ve to careful to make sure that she didn’t suspect you of faking things up

o Pavlov’s theory is widely used in mind control techniques to guide others in relationship and love

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