Over Regulation In Building Codes & Certification Due To Climate Change Alarmists Is Stifling Growth

Nancy B. Alston

Have you ever wondered why rents are so high? Well, people with income property are dealing with supply and demand, as the supply remains steady due to the challenges of ROI for building new apartments, and the demand increases, the prices will not come down. What many do not understand is that all this Agenda 21 or now called Agenda 2030 infiltrating their recommendations down to the city levels around the country, this advice turns up in building codes and regulations. There does not seem to be any slowing down of these regulations at the local level, even if the Trump Administration makes good on Federal Regulation reduction.

Even at the Federal Level there are a lot of insiders who want to hold steady on regulations, they actually believe they are helping to save the planet. Consider if you will this factoid: The Government Accounting Office put out a report on January 3, 2017 titled; “Improved Federal Coordination Could Facilitate Use of Forward-Looking Climate Information in Design Standards, Building Codes, and Certifications,” published: Nov 30, 2016 and publicly Released: Jan 3, 2017 (GAO-17-3).

This GAO report cited above assumes that we have extreme climate change occurring right now, and it assumes that mankind’s CO2 emissions are causing it, none of which is proven. This is one more indication that the climate alarmists have infiltrated all parts of the US Government Bureaucracy and want to institute United Nation Agenda 21 style ‘sustainability’ into all future building.

Our unions want to control that by being the only training place for these new standards, specifically LEEDs Certification. By the way, for your information LEED = “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design.” (Cite: Google definitions on search page).

In many areas you can only get a LEED certification from going to a Union sponsored workshop or tradesman course. You could attend a college, but that would take you quite a while and if you are a tradesman you’d need all your lower division credits first, which is tough for someone that started a trade right out of high school. Of course, if you go to a Union shop for training, you will be recruited by the union, are already paying union dues, or have to pay a fee to attend, thus supporting a union. Unions usually support leftist political candidates and lobby for themselves and fund left-leaning and socialist politicians.

If only union tradesmen can work on building in the future, this raises the cost of new homes and buildings and hurts Americans with financial burdens. It hurts home ownership and raises costs of businesses. It is killing America, and here the GAO is assisting in slowing growth. What we need is a change, but that change has to come from within and at every level of government, a new philosophy is needed, and it is needed now. Without it, there are definitely warm thunder clouds on the economic horizon, and they have nothing to do with Global Warming. Please think of this.

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