One Pointed Desire

Nancy B. Alston

My children are in their teens. They both have a desire to fulfill their dreams. My son wants to be an airline pilot, and my daughter wants to be a chef. They are making plans for school to achieve these dreams. Each step of the way will be challenges to overcome and discipline to make their dreams come true.

When my son was younger, he wanted to be a fireman. He went to the local fire station and viewed a huge red truck. Then he wanted a small toy truck of his own. If he would continue to want this dream, his inner vision of the world would form a material reality over time. In the following paragraph I want to share with you how a one pointed desire creates a material reality. I will describe it as a Miracle.

A miracle is Energy In Formation. Anything you hold your attention on over time is energy in formation. We are transformed by what we hold dear to us and fill our heart with the experience of what we desire. Our intent to dwell upon what we hold sacred is our soul. Thus, the miracle of transformation that occurs from this quality of existence creates a manifestation of the formless into form.

This miracle is a single focus on what you desire to bring into being. It connects your heart and mind together. This unification creates movement in the body to make your desires come true. Your soul holds all of this together by creating the kind of character needed to fill your body with inspiration and energy. This connection between your mind, body, and soul forms patterns consistent with the obtainment of your ultimate desire. Through daily actions and the gathering of others with similar desires, you will make your dreams come true.

When I was running marathons in my early to late twenties, I had to practice daily running. I didn’t just go out and run 26.2 miles without mentally disciplining my mind and body to train for these events. Every day I would put on my t-shirt, shorts, and shoes and go outside to run in the rain or sun. Nothing was going to stop me from realizing my goal of finishing a marathon.

I can still remember the end of that Chicago Marathon many years ago. The last three miles of this marathon were filled with people cheering us all on. I remember crying and feeling my body be filled up with energy beyond myself. My body was exhausted. It was the energy of the crowd that inspired me to go further and finish what I had started many months ago in the trails I ran through the woods and the streets near my home. My tears and cold chills running through my body was my soul, reminding me that I had finished the journey I started, and my soul was proud of Sam.

Many men and women with strong masculine tendencies believe that physical control of an environment means dominance over it. And thus, we will know peace. This does not serve humanity well. As we mature, we become more soul than body. It is our inner dominion over our own world inside us “collectively” that will heal the world around us. Using our inner strengths to care for and build a world around us that reflects the inner qualities of existence inside us will manifest an experience of harmony that cannot be shaken.

“The Law of Attraction” is a phrase you are hearing a great deal about these days. It is not a new idea. You have heard it in these phrases as well: “You will become what you think about.” “You will reap what you sow.” “What goes around comes around.” and “For every action is an equal and opposite reaction.” The ideas set forth in these phrases are for you and me to realize that where we place our attention will draw unto us the desires making themselves known to us. We have a choice to make during these moments of contemplation. We can dwell and explore these experiences or move on to the next thought.

You and I are like magnets. We draw to us what we habitually place our attention on. The instant we realize this part of us is able to create from a one-pointed desire is monumental. It is here we become the creators of our own destiny. This is not to say that we are The Creator. It is to say that who we are will become known through us as we explore the nature of our soul in its depths.

As we age, conditions are placed on us to direct us along our paths intended to keep us from harm. Even if we manage to stay out of harms way, we move into a state of stimulus-response reactions toward life. This draws us further and further away from the natural state of pure being we came into the world with as an infant.

When you and I follow the desires of our most authentic self, we will be given a path that will make work our play and our play our work. This one pointed desire is our path into endless abundance and endless joy. It all begins with a simple question and four simple words expressed to your Creator and your most authentic self: how may I serve?

Sam Oliver, author of, “The Path into Healing”

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