Mega Experiment To Verify The Big Bang Theory

Nancy B. Alston


A mega size experiment is being conducted by rich nations of the world for studying the effects of proton collision, involving an astronomical sum of money, when poor people are denied even basic education. I can say, beforehand, that the experiment is bound to fail.

Things like the big bang, denoting the beginning of time are at best mere conjectures. In India, we believe that time has no beginning and no end. Kal is a God. Our ancestors knew that the earth is round, which is circling the sun and eclipse is caused by the shadow of earth covering the moon etc. etc. All this, they knew by minute observation and a lot of thinking to understand the reality.

On the other hand, in the west, experiments preceded theory. The observed phenomena had to be explained in some sort of hypothesis, however weak, the theory may be. Further research may prove the weakness of an earlier theory. In science every evidence has to be thoroughly subjected to logical analysis. In a way, this is something like criminal investigation. Initially, we have to go by some theory. Whenever some new evidence comes up, necessitating a review of the theory, the investigation may have to be started all over again.

At present, the theory about the big bang is still being debated. If the world is expanding and contracting alternatively, our observation, limited to a hundred year or so, does not convince anyone about its universality.

Time and space occupied the central stage in any discussion because of their immediacy and total involvement in our life. These days we are always “fighting against time and for space!”

Normally, we talk of the present, of which we are absolutely sure, the past of which we can only guess (where were our ancestors fifty thousand years ago?) and the future of which we are so eager to know(a whole business thrives on our weakness minting millions because we are fools). Alas! The present is a myth as I shall show.

You are reading this. As soon as you read one letter it goes into the past. You SIMPLY CANNOT WRITE “PRESENT”. See, it has become the past. Like a train moving at a billion miles in one second. Can a passenger point out a single wayside spot to a co-passenger? Before you try to point your finger, the train has fled a few million miles.

In order to measure time, we must have a unit, as science does not recognize anything that cannot be measured. (otherwise, it should have recognized Him, our creator, long ago!) The unit, the second, is derived by dividing the average length of the day by 24x60x60. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to remain rooted to the earth so that time can be measured.

Imagine you and I to be in a space station along with hundreds of scientists with all equipment for research, and, inexhaustible store of food and water for survival for thousands of generations to come(if wishes were space stations we, beggars, would ride in it). For recording time, we have atomic clocks and the calendars updated every so called

year, including leap year, even though, generations have come and gone and the space station has traveled at least a few billions light years and the earth is just a globe we carried for telling children how mother earth looked like. Suddenly, disaster has struck. (Don’t worry! Nothing can happen to the station). One fine morning (mamma, what is a morning?) all the clocks have stopped. What shall we do now to measure time? Our science will become nonsense without the basic unit of TIME. In course of “time” all will forget the word. Do Eskimos have a word for time?

Are you now convinced that time is a terrestrial illusion?

When we come to measure space, it is more complicated. First, we must have the directions:east, west, north and south. A man standing at the south Pole in Antarctica has only one direction. Every point on the earth is due north. The sun rises in the north and sets in the north. London is due north as also San Francisco. And space needs two more directions:up and down, which are relative and change every moment. In our imaginary space station there is no way of measuring it. We are far away from our universe and speeding away. We know “space” but we have no means of measuring it. Like God, happiness, sorrow, pain etc. , we can feel time and space; but we can never quantify it and measure it. How does science accept it then?

The word geometry means measurement of the earth. When we “own” land, we have to measure it. In the same way, life on earth depends very much on time. In other words, these two terms got ingrained in our consciousness. We forgot the fact that their association with the earth on which we live, is responsible for these terms being ingrained in our consciousness. Even the concept “the sun rises in the east” is parochial. In the north Pole, it rises and sets in the south! Concepts are passed on from generation to generation, resulting in mass hypnotization. We must escape from this illusion (Maya) and our own body which acts as an opaque covering blinding our vision, to realize the eternal and universal TRUTH THAT TIME AND SPACE, AS WE UNDERSTAND IT, ARE TERRESTRIAL ILLUSIONS. Therefore, we must realize the futility of experimenting first, and somehow expecting the truth to spring up, like alchemists!

Proton Disintegration This is happening always and everywhere. When two hard substances collide, heat is produced; How? When lightning strikes, huge quantity of electricity is produced which is much more than can be explained by the transfer electrostatic energy contained in the clouds. When we rub our hands heat is generated; How? In burning of fuel heat is produced. We say chemical energy. What is the mechanism?

My theory is that some member or sub atomic particles of the atom disintegrates, changing into energy releasing huge quantity of heat, according to the famous equation (has it been proved to a reasonable degree of accuracy?) e = mc2. Therefore, let us be crystal clear about concepts like time and space, before starting experimentation, involving huge expenditure and consuming more than 20 years of valuable labour.

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