Light Therapy For the Eyes – The Spectral Receptivity System

Since the publication of Jacob Liberman’s book, Light-Medicine of the Future in 1991, and the other work done by persons like David Tumey and William Sheline, improvements continued in the technology needed to deliver ever more efficient healing through the use of light. (Non-invasive technology, lifelight).

When I went to my optometrist, Dr. Earl Lizotte, for my annual eye exam in June of 2002, I told him that I had been experiencing some difficulty with “seeing” with my present prescription and I asked him if he thought that I needed another series of light treatments to build upon the series that I had had nine years previously.

In 1993 the series was given several times a week – mine was three times a week for eight weeks. The results of these twenty-four treatments were significant improvement in vision acuity (sharpness of sight) especially in my right “lazy” eye, and the end of this eye being crossed and focusing with my left eye. I had dramatically expanded range of vision in all directions, and night vision. I could see colors and objects on my countryside walks after dark. But, in 2002, Dr. Lizotte pointed out to me that a new Spectral Receptivity System had been developed by Universal Light Technology in Carbondale, Colorado, that was more powerful than the projection system I was exposed to in 1993. This was the system he was now using and the sessions were best given once a week over a period of weeks. I received ten treatments using the new Spectral Receptivity Trainer. Once again my vision acuity and range of vision improved significantly and some night vision returned. But, I failed to do any maintenance treatments, so in 2006 my vision acuity had begun to decline. I was examined by Dr. Lizotte in March. My range of vision was fine and my right eye that was crossed and focusing with my left eye had remained straight since 1993.

In August 2006, I began a new series of ten treatments primarily to hopefully improve acuity in my right eye. In addition to ten sessions utilizing the Spectral Receptivity Trainer that projects light frequencies shaped like full moons using the analogy of a “balance board,” with red (low energy, long wavelength) at one end affecting the sympathetic nervous system, the spectrum of pulsating lights continues across the board – orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo – with violet (high energy, short wavelength) affecting the parasympathetic nervous system at the other end. The balancing fulcrum is located at green. The series is then repeated from the violet end back to the fulcrum of green.

The rest of each session was a series of three different eye – hand, light – physical movement exercises. One tested field of vision, and the other two tested the connection between what my healthy optic nerve in the right eye was receiving and what my brain was deciphering. I had particular difficulty with one exercise that involved seeing, saying what one saw (the direction of a printed arrow), saying the opposite of what one saw, while at the same time moving my cupped two hands, palms up in the same or opposite direction from what I was seeing and/or saying. The same direction was and is no problem for me. The opposite direction still is unless I move slowly, deliberately, and repeat to myself the instruction given for a particular printed arrow.

When the ten session series ended I was retested and this is Dr. Lizotte’s diagnosis: “Bernard Fleury has a history of congenital amblyopia of his right eye. His best correctable vision with lenses was 20/60. With both eyes open his right eye would suppress, thus requiring him to do his visual functions with his left eye. He also developed a right exotropia (out eye turn).

Following a series of phototherapy sessions, he now (December 13, 2006) has best corrected vision of 20/30 (a two times improvement) in his right eye. His eyes are now straight and he no longer suppresses his right eye.”

As a result of these treatments my new eyeglass prescription is less strong and geared to making my right eye function properly.

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